Essay about 2013 - 2014 AICE application

 Fleming area High school Cambridge/AICE Application

2233 Village Sq Parkway

Fruit Park, FLORIDA 32003

please print legibly in blue or dark ink. program will not be approved if not really complete. Pupil Information



Time of labor and birth

Student # if well-known:

Current address:



ZIP Code:


Current school:

Main Parent/guardian Info

Mother/Father/Guardian (Last name, first name) Address (if not the same as above)





Email is required:

subject matter

teacher identity

Language Arts



Social Research

Supplemental information

Interested applicants by outside the Clay-based County Public School system must fill in a copy in the following documents: Most recent report card FCAT or various other standardized check scores

program checklist

1 . _____ Total Application (no empty boxes)

2 . _____Copy of most new report greeting card (private and out of state students) 3. _____Copy of standardised test ratings for 7th grade ( SAT, Stanford or other standardized check for personal and away of state students)*** 4. _____Teacher recommendation forms given to teachers on time 5. _____Submit by January 27, 2014

Return the application packet within a sealed manila envelope to:

Mrs. Gina Davis, AICE Coordinator

Fleming Island Secondary school

2233 Community Square Parkway

Orange Area, Florida 32003

Obviously labeled and addressed packets may be delivered at the receptionist's desk at FIHS

By signing this type you consent that you have go through and accept abide by all of the requirements in the AICE Software at FIHS. Signature of applicant:


Signature of parent/guardian:



The University of Cambridge program of study (AICE/Pre-AICE) offers an excellent education not only ensures knowledge, although also cultivates virtues of honesty, integrity, and willpower. Of these benefits, honor and integrity are essential to the full exercise of academic independence. At the core with the Cambridge Prize Code is a belief that every student provides the right to pursue an education free of the ills caused by virtually any form of perceptive dishonesty. The Code is present to uphold and enhance values central to the objective of the Cambridge AICE Software, the Fleming Island Substantial tradition of excellence, also to prevent infractions of those values. While understanding that the Cambridge AICE software is strenuous and difficult, honest conduct is expected at all times. Acts of academic dishonesty are viewed as serious crimes that compromise the foundation of trust and honesty where an academic community sets.

Violations of the Cambridge ACADEMIC EXCLUSIVE CHANCE CODE incorporate the following:


Receiving or perhaps giving not authorized answers in tests, quizzes, essays, research or assignments

Using any form of " cheat sheet" on tests / quizzes

Obtaining or perhaps giving copies of test or test questions ahead of test time Copying another student's operate or research without teacher permission Assistance from parents or other folks that evidently is of excessive influence (as evidenced with a comparison of daily achievement in the student) Submitting the same academics work in more than one course without prior authorization.

Intentionally burning words or perhaps ideas of authors or sources (including the internet) without offering credit to the specific source or any portrayal of another's work as your own

Making information, sources, or info

Unauthorized utilization of computers

College students who discover or find out about acts of educational dishonesty will be honor certain...

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