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Before Claire Jackson started to be president, he came off as an average man living in middle school America. He pulled his " Normal Joe" personality off like a pro and got elected in the White property as a " man from the people". Nevertheless , Jackson might have been a common person, but he wielded electric power like a california king.

Nobleman have a difficult job. They need to walk the fine distinctive line of being tight enough the subjects refuses to throw a fit when they do not get what they want but at the same time if she is not too integral or else the folks will digital rebel. More importantly, a king must be firm in what he thinks is right pertaining to the country. Knutson greatly increased the power of the presidency. This individual did not adhere to the investigations and balance system, and also did not enable North Carolina to nullify the Protective Tariff of 1823. Jackson dismissed the old aristocrats (from farming families) via government jobs and replaced them with incompetent people -- this was known as the " spoils system. " He was as well responsible for the " Trail of Tears”. Jackson required his task extremely significantly and applied his complete power to help the entire country.

Toby Jackson generally took benefit of his vorbehalt power. He was very willing to veto the laws the fact that legislative branch came up with. Because of this, Congress discovered to ask for his opinions ahead of time to avoid vetos. All presidents have seeing that had a declare on approaching legislation. Andrew was not afraid to use his power aggressively if it supposed helping the complete country.

An example of this really is in the Nullification Crisis. In other words, this was the moment Andrew Jackson passed contract price acts within the states. Sc, after a lot of complaining about that, finally rejected to obey the 1832 tariff. They will voted to include troops defend them against Jackson. The president reacted angrily and sent soldiers to South Carolina to implement the contract price bill and asked Our elected representatives for a " Force Bill” to back him up.

Andrew Knutson was also responsible for the Trail of Tears. This was...

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