A Fictional Analysis of Two Types by Amy Tan Study Paper


The title of the short account " Two Kinds” is describes the theme of this tale. The mother had mentioned that there are simply two types of daughters. " Those who are obedient and those who have follow their own mind. ” (pg 412) Jing Mei did not understand the truth or meaning at the rear of that declaration until after her moms death. Jing Mei noticed that her mom only meant that she is usually an obedient child by listening to her mother while at the same time stick to her individual heart and want her own natural born player in life. The very last paragraph in this story likewise indicates the theme of two halves getting equal to a single. The two songs " correctly contented” and " pleading child” was actually two halves of one music. Despite Jing Mei and her mom's differences they were like the tracks, they may disagree but built one beautiful song. Her mother simply wanted her to use the ability she understood she had. Amy's tale tells me that she misgivings not looking to do her best and just how she had taken her mother with no consideration. SETTING AND CHARACTERS

Jing Mei's mom believed that you may be whatever you wanted to maintain America. (p 405) America is exactly where all Jing Mei's moms hope lay. She had come to America in 1949 after losing every thing in china. The main figure of the tale is Jing Mei (Amy Tan) who is also the protagonist inside the story. Her mother may be the antagonist, who is always urging Jing Mei to try new things and find out new skillsets. Jing Mei feels like her mother wants her to be anything she is not. Other characters in the account are Lindo Jong (known as Auntie Lindo) and her daughter Waverly Jong who is about Jing Mei's age. Through out the story there may be constant competition between Jing's mother and Auntie Hermoso with the children. There is also Jing Mei's piano instructor, " Old Chong”, who the girl takes advantage of. Jing Mei's father is also described in the account but will not have because a part. It seems that Amy Color created a history based on a relationship among mother daughter...

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