Abolishing the Death Penalty Essay

Angellica Delgadillo

Ms. Gregory, S. 4

04 18, 2013


Thesis: The loss of life penalty must be abolished in the us. I. Launch

a. Hook (opening sentence that attracts the reader): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ b. Precisely what are you likely to be referring to? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ we. (background facts; in this component you will express facts about the death penalty. It helps in case you state reasons why it should be removed, that way that leads to the thesis assertion. It also needs to be reasons you are going to talk about inside the rest of the paper. Briefly state these factors, do not enter into detail): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ c. Thesis statement: " The loss of life penalty must be abolished inside the United States” II. (SECOND PARAGRAPH) first Body passage

d. 1ST MAIN REASON TO GET RID OF THE LOSS OF LIFE PENALTY (it should be the one that you stated in your intro ii. (find an article) State facts/evidence that support the 1st reason iii. 2nd truth (evidence)

4. 3rd reality (evidence)

v. Actual quotation (stick to one every body paragraph) vi. Conclusion sentence/ changeover sentence to next passage III. (THIRD PARAGRAPH) next body passage


vii. (same as previously mentioned; state facts)

viii. 2nd fact

ix. 3rd truth

x. Actual quote

xi. Conclusion/ changeover sentence

4. (FOURTH PARAGRAPH) 3rd physique paragraph

farreneheit. 3rd PURPOSE TO GET RID OF DP

xii. Evidence...

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