visual litracy Essay

Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy

The ethnocentric of the Treaty Signing by Medicine Creek Lodge, is usually representational and non-objective. In respect to Sayre, L. M., A World of Art (2010) has two different depictions from the Treaty Affixing your signature to at Remedies Creek Resort, where 1 illustrates an all-natural illusionistic art compare to convention art. Sayre, H. Meters.,  2010,  pp.  38-39, (Fig, 42) Steve Taylor, (1867, (1) Treaty Signing for Medicine Creek Lodge, subject material is representational art that may be illusionistic, with visual photos that locations you at the treaty affixing your signature to. Compared to Sayre, H. M.,  2010,  pp.  38-39, (Fig, 43) Wily Wolf,  (1875-1878, (2), Treaty signing by medicine Creek Lodge, subject material is nonobjective art that illustrates a conventional representation, that portrays a great abstract contact form.

While both works of art depicts the Treaty Placing your signature to at Medicine Creek Lodge, as well as the topic that shows the ethnocentric differences from your Anglo American's view plus the American Indian's view, both pieces of art represents the importance, and significance, with this historical event. Howling Wolf's,  (1875-1878, (2), Treaty Placing your signature to at Medication Creek Villa, subject matter describes an honest model of the remembrances that took place on that historic working day thru the eyes of Howling Wolf. The colourful palette shows the different tepees separated by backs of girls and guys in every tribe, which represents the distinct impression that everybody was captivated by events with the treaty signing. The colors of each tepee, describes the various attendance of tribes. Even though the men in the trees depict the genuine thoughts of mistrust that Howling Wolf might have thought after suffering from imprisonment. Wily Wolf's portrayals of the treaty signing from my point of view; says that the men inside the trees experienced twisted all their words and created a parting between the people. The person at the center seems to be stuck, while the horses seems to be a...

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