Alcohol Craving: a Case in the Muslim Community Essay

Liquor Addiction: An instance in the Muslim Community

Nabawia Abou-Basha


This paper can be described as brief summary of addiction among Muslims in North America. There is certainly an increasing number of Muslims in North America coming with experiences of trauma as a result of the violence and war occurring in parts of the Middle East. These individuals often experience depressive disorder, difficulty integrating into Canadian culture, and intergenerational issue as the newest generation adapts to Canadian culture quicker than the father and mother want to take. These challenging life encounters can finally lead to addiction. In this daily news, I will identify addictions generally speaking and alcohol addictions specifically, the Islamic principles relating to addictions and the experiences of addicts in the Muslim community. In my act as a Muslim Relatives Support Support Worker, We encountered woman client with an alcoholic beverages addiction. I will discuss his case making use of the Metaframeworks procedure. Addiction

Dependency has many looks and that affects people from most backgrounds. That discriminate among race or perhaps religion; yet , it does influence people's lives in different ways. Craving is a very complicated brain ailment that impacts 1 in 5 families (Hoffman & Froemke, 2007). Dependency is triggered in several techniques, including community, family, peer, and function environments. Unable to start communities and families create an increased likelihood of addiction. Good friends are also a major factor; having colleagues with harmful habits increases the likelihood of addiction. An additional major induce is stress; when experiencing stress, people who respond in a destructive method have a far greater likelihood of addiction. Deciding on to drink liquor when anxious can lead down a very risky path, instead of making constructive decisions to invest time with buddies or loved ones, go to the fitness center, or see a therapist to address the causes of anxiety (Kipper & Whitney, 2010). In addition to impairing performing, alcohol addiction severely affects relationships. Alcoholics quickly master manipulation, lies, and laying techniques to stay away from the truth. Their untruthfulness is normally what damages their relationships with family members (Garrett, 2012). The cause and impact of addiction may differ for every individual; however something is certain, " brains hurt by habit can be repaired. It may take multiple try; it most certainly defintely won't be an easy road, but it could be done” (Hoffman & Froemke, 2007).

Addictions and Islam

The Islamic religion, similar to additional religions, has restrictions about alcohol. However , Islam varies in that this instructs total abstinence of using intoxicants. In the holy text, called the Quran there are several poems prohibiting the consumption of alcohol, " O you who believe that! Strong beverage and games of probability and idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan's handiwork. Leave it aside to ensure ye may succeed" (Ali, 1983). Alcoholic beverages is forbidden because it is thought to alter to work with of the head therefore leading people to be engaged in other not allowed behaviors. Alcohol addictions and Islam is usually an understudied topic and many spaces in the literary works on the topic. Although Muslims may not like to admit, you will discover Muslims whom struggle with alcohol and drug addictions. The prohibition of alcohol in Islam works in two ways. There is a romance between the volume of Muslims who have drink alcohol and their degree of religiousness. The more religious Muslims are, the more unlikely they are to consume alcohol. Within a national liquor survey done in the United States, analysts found that Muslims had been among the several religious types with the highest rates of abstention (Michalak, Trocki, & Bond, 2007). On the other hand, religious beliefs can be a key factor stopping treatment because alcohol addiction among Muslims is often concealed from other folks for anxiety about being shunned by the community. Families of addicts often cover up...

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