American History Notes: The Vietnam Warfare, Nixon, and Watergate Composition

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CHAPTER 16Chapter 16 Focus on Packet

of sixteen. 1 Beginnings of the Vietnam War:

1 . What began the U. S. engagement in Vietnam and how come did we fight? Who had been President in the beginning? French traveled to the U. S. A for money plus the United States did not want Vietnam to become a communist country because if they had the rest of the poor little countries would stick to. 2 . Site 533: That is Ho Chi Minh? Ho Chi Minh is a communist Vietnam groundbreaking leader having been prime minister and also director of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam he became a significant voice pertaining to fighting intended for independence in Vietnam. a few. Page 534: What is the domino theory? Domino Theory was the idea if Vietnam fell to communism which the other poor countries could follow mainly because Vietnam was obviously a high power 4. Precisely what is the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? What did this kind of allow the Chief executive to do? It was a record that allowed the leader to do no matter what he needed he may commit U. S. soldiers to Vietnam and battle a battle against North Vietnam devoid of going to Our elected representatives to ask for the declaration of war.

of sixteen. 2: U. S. Engagement Grows

your five. Page 539: Map Skills Qs #2 and #3 only. Through what countries did the Vietcong travel and leisure as they moved supplies coming from North Vietnam to To the south Vietnam? Vietcong had to traverse Laos and Cambodia in order to move items from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. Why may well a U. S. strike against the Ho Chi Minh trail trigger an international repercussion against the Usa? Cause if perhaps Vietnam was attacked the other countries would support back it up and present it support 6. Site 540: Infographic Qs. How was communist combat strategies different from the ones from American soldiers? The Communist Combat Seat tickets were techniques of stealth like experts of sniping ambushes and boogy barriers. Americans were all about hammer bang shoot up everything and leave the bodies...

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