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Not-so Traditional Women means not-so Classic Families

Inside the 1950's, families were o to be " compassionate” and their primary target was on the family. Today however, people assume that the " traditional family” from the fifties is only non-existent. Women have got dramatically altered in the past 59 years and therefore are becoming more and more 3rd party. This change is why our families shall no longer be traditional.

In the 1950s, which has a male-breadwinner and a female housemaker, parents may be " friends and lovers”. This idea was about creating family togetherness as the principal source of emotional satisfaction and private happiness. As well as for the first time in 100 years the divorce rates plateaued (Mintz, S. and McNeil H. ).

According to Stephanie Coontz, a history professor at The Evergreen State College or university in Olympia, Washington, and it is Director of Research and Public Education for the Council about " Modern day Families”,

[In 1960s] The moment women had been staying house, children

were heading out into the work force and earning money

for his or her families. And when child labor was abolished

married females began reentering the work force in also

bigger numbers (Coontz, Stephanie).

And with more females in the employees, the " caretaker” from the family was no longer about as much as your woman used to end up being. This is the commence of women moving forward from the classic family life-style. " Among 1970 and 2001, females went from being the minority to the majority of the U. S i9000. undergraduate inhabitants, increasing their particular representation from 42 percent to 56 percent of undergraduates (Horn, Laura and Peter Katharin). Women elevating their education strengthens their very own ability to get better employment can become economically self-employed. 50 years ago, females were the caretakers and so they married men who can support them and a family. Today however, with women getting better jobs and will support themselves economically, that they don't need to marry if...

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