Antanas Kaztauskis’s Choice to Move to the U. S. Essay

The United Stated, The Free Region

Antanas Kaztauskis made a right choice while i chose to come to U. S. for better existence, better opportunity for his existence. I think this individual should suggest people to come to the U. S. Because as he reached U. T. even he had to face to lot of difficulty, but just about every success needed hard time to pass. In his old country, persons didn't have to face of hard trouble like that in life, but they didn't have fully rights of human should certainly had. They will couldn't create or read in their individual language. Right now there weren't college for them to learn their own dialect, only Russian school readily available. Russian institution charged bundle, most of them have enough money it and so they had to stay uneducated because they had to pay large tax and didn't are able to afford to go to college. They didn't have to election and no political election or appointment happen in their country. Govt controlled anything and don't give all their people any chance to controlled their own policy. That they couldn't include right to get their religion. They might be captured and put in jail since it was illegitimate to follow virtually any religion. It absolutely was just enjoyed they were in jail but lived with the family. Anything was managed by Govt. The boot maker man could appreciate and observed through what happen with people in there therefore he suggest Antanas Kaztauskis to come to U. S. It absolutely was the best choice to get Antanas Kaztauskis. First he previously to come to various place to get there U. H. The prize was good. He received a job. He could produced money and lived in a freedom nation which this individual could do whatever this individual want but it really had to be legal and not go over the limit. He had right to learn The english language, read magazines, worked and fed himself. He don't have to pay substantial tax and offer everything he earn to Government as he usually did in his very own country. He could sign up for election to vote for who would be the best choice to help the people of U. S. He got large amount of freedom more than he would in his older country. The first Changes of U. S. declared people have liberty of...

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