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University of Plymouth

Plymouth Business Institution

School of Management

Level 3 2012-2013

ECN308: Organization Management

Component leader: Neil Brooks (CKY233A), tel (01752) 585606

email: neil. [email protected] ac. uk

Module head (Singapore)

A lot of the time class: Yeo Ai Ling ([email protected] com)

Part-time school: Kelvin Yeow ([email protected] com)


This final yr module is a ‘capstone' for the Business Operations programme. The module is largely student centered and designed to enable pupil involvement with real business issues. College students will work in small teams to produce two consultancy-style information.

Module Aspires

To strengthen the vocational areas of the system by providing a chance to engage with the corporate world and further develop an understanding of practical tactical management concerns

Assessed Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module the novice will be likely to be able to: (i)select and apply appropriate methods of organisational and environmental analysis to detailed circumstances;

(ii)plan, perform and disseminate research for business briefs;

(iii)demonstrate an ability to marry assumptive concepts to the practical reality of organization situations;

(iv) develop ideal detailed setup and evaluation strategies.

Learning Style

The training will take place organizing two consultancy style reports, one of that is based on an organized problem as the other is a ‘live' agency with a regional organisation.

The component folder on the student file will include this module handbook, announcements and other relevant info.

ECN308SA Organization Management

Program of actions and analysis

May 2013 Intake


Lecture Day (FT)

Spiel Date (PT)

ECN308SA Business Management


May 20

May twenty two



May 27

May 30


Contact form groups and who is doing which question


Might 27

Jun 5


Finalise Live Consultancy name and personnel mentor

Fill in Appendix A


Jun 4

Jun 12



Jun 13

Jun 19



Jun 27

Jun 26


Strategy example due about 30 Summer, Sunday

fifty percent weight (35% individual; 15% group)


Jul your five

Jul three or more


almost 8

Jul doze

Jul 12


being unfaithful

Jul 19

Jul seventeen



Jul twenty six

Jul twenty-four



Aug a couple of

Jul thirty-one



August 5

Aug 7

Getting together with



Live agency due 18 August, On the

50% weight (25% person; 25% group)


Every coursework factors are credited in by simply 2355h upon deadline date. Work might be handed in on any day prior to the deadline. All coursework must be passed in by way of SCOLAR (Submitting Coursework On the internet and Remotely), an electronic coursework distribution tool obtainable in tulip module site. When ever submitting group work, you should ensure what they are called of all group members as well as the registration amounts are plainly stated for the front bed sheet of the work.

System of Research

(i) Inside the first lesson, you will have a seance session to describe the components with the module. You will be organised into a group of four or five students to get the case analyze in ECN308 (ECN308. 1).

(ii) You will embark on a group activity based on a Strategy case (ECN308. 1). This case approach will certainly enable you to explore group mechanics within a comparatively safe environment. Staff can provide regular " guidance” with each group throughout this period.

(iii) At the same time, you can expect to commence work with your ‘live' group consultancy (ECN308. 2). Assessment Approach

100% Coursework (60% individual, 40% group)

The element consists the following:

a sub-report for Project ECN308. 1 (35%)

a refractive log and analysis of the ‘live' consultancy [project ECN308. 2] (25%)

The group element comprises this:

a group over-arching analysis of project ECN308. 1 (15%)

a group agency report intended for the client [project ECN308. 2] (25%)

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