Brief Research of English language Major Students’ Intonation Mistakes and Countermeasures Essay

Brief Research of The english language Major Students' Intonation Problems and Countermeasures Abstract: This kind of paper studies the task of 80 English major prostgraduate learners from Xuzhou Normal School, and remarks the problems of the English expression, proposes to boost the awareness of the importance of students' intonation, to improve their intonation situation with some instructing methods. Keywords: discourse research English major intonation

Part One Intro

Timbre is the key to foreign language learning, the correct pronunciation and expression is the basis for successful communication, plays an important part in examining, writing and translating. So , how are the intonation circumstance of the English language major and the way to strengthen the intonation instructing? With these kinds of questions, teacher Mu Fengying made a intonation record for postgraduate students, so as to have a further learning. 1 Short introduction of this record

1 . one particular Background of the students: the 90 The english language major learners are by Xuzhou Typical University, they will as prostgraduates are now within their first session. In addition , relating to entry examination results, most students had been in the same level in the ability of learning English. 1 . 2 The form of this record: The way of record is the live recording. College students are noted in a closed lab. The selected recording materials as follows: a three-minute cost-free talk on a given topic, a short content 'Thirteen the equals one" of New Conceiving English Publication, 133 terms containning vowels and consonants which are certainly not new words and phrases. The record does not let students prepare before they coming into the lab. As soon as they have scanned the material, they will have two minutes intended for preparation. Then simply, the record begins. Chapter Two Talk Analysis

According to the analysis, some pupils (about 20%) are mostly accurate in pronunciation, intonation and tone. They have some know-how about manners and places of articulation, pay more awareness of the intonation. However , an important of the students' intonation, develop is poor, especial the following problems: (1) Pronunciation of some phonemes is not correct, causing word pronunciation errors, such as [L] [n] [О·] nasal laterals cannot distinguish, [Оё] be read as [s], oral cavity read since [maus], a considerable section of the students should not read [e] correctly, the mother be read to [mО›d ]; a few students' [ai] [au] diphthongs pronunciation is usually not in the right place and is not complete enough; a lot of students read the town into the [tun]; some college students can not differentiate [f], [v] [w] and browse wail in [veil]. (2) Reading is not smooth, can be not fluent enough. Many students see the article expression by term, they do not learn how to pause and the division of the intonation- group is completely wrong, the connection among sentences is definitely not easy, such as were able to, many learners do not realize the liasion, which will shows college students a serious deficiency of reading encounter. (3) The tone is usually not normal. Most students understand that interrogative is the rising strengthen, quite a few students do not know examine witn the rising strengthen in other sentences; many learners read the content from beginning to end which has a falling sculpt, and seems dull, possibly no mental change. (4) Multisyllable phrases and the pressure of content are not correct. Multisyllable phrase is includes several syllable, a small number of pupils read prevalent words incorrect. Such as immdiately [i'mi: diЙ™tli] read since the [imid'iЙ™tli]. For the stress of sentence, most students do not have correct knowledge about this. Such as: There is certainly nothing I can do about this. Most students do not know to stress nothing, do those two words. Part Three Cause Analysis

3. you Students study knowledge of intonation is still too little. Since the record is live, it had did not allow students to carry out adequate planning, some college students can not browse smooth, progressive and normal, which shows the problem in the students usually read British...

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