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The Analysis4

The Recommendation5

The Conclusion6


Colin Hammer, of Hammer Wines has asked us to analyse the world wide web usage of his employees at Hammers Wines. After examining the internet use data him self he features considered a web restriction for his business office where staff members are only capable to access particular websites, currently the only access to the internet restriction is for pornographic websites. Colin's thoughts are that if the personnel are using the net for different proposes and " cyberslacking” would decrease the employee productivity in the workplace, after submitting a proposal to his personnel about the ‘internet use ban' Hammer Wine workers have rebuked his pitch indicating that this kind of ban might lower staff morale and chances of reducing productivity more than it should possess. Since Merlu Hammer's tips weren't as successful this individual has asked us to analysis his company net usage info to provide ideas for a better policy to be integrated.

The Research

At Hammer Wines they may have 6 distinct departments such as Accounting and Finance with 6 personnel, Sales and Marketing with 13 staff, Human Resources and Training with 5 workers, Manufacturing and Distribution with 12 workers, IT Services with a few employees and the reception with 2 staff; with a total of 41 workers around Hammer Wine drinks. After examining the internet usage calculations chart and relating back to the internet usage spreadsheet which outlines what websites workers usually visits as well as the amount of time used on these websites. The reception division with just 2 workers are currently spending 28% of time during work with the internet, when ever referring back to the internet utilization spreadsheet it outlines that they can actually do use most of all their time online on a website that usually are work related (e. g. Facebook, Skype and YouTube). IT Companies department using about 14% of their time for the internet could possibly be a lot since they're the second most internet usage department but when closely analysing the data trained with Services employees mainly go to websites which could relate back to their purpose of example they visit Googlemail, Microsoft. com and connected. com which in turn all can relate to job but they also have occasional ‘cyberslacking' which include visiting websites like games. com and Facebook . com. Sales and Marketing just spending 2% of their time around the internet nevertheless would probably end up being the worst department using their internet consumption and spending a huge amount of time during focus on YouTube, Twittier, Tatts. com and tomwaterhouse. com which usually employees really shouldn't be performing during job and is more of an outside of work thing to do. Both most socialized departments would have to be the Accounting & Finance plus the Human Resources & Training departments; when mentioning back to the internet usage schedule shows that that they spend most of their period on function related websites which present productivity and willingness to work.

The Recommendation

After further more investigation and comparing your data with what Sludge hammer Wine personnel should be carrying out, I've come up with a list of websites which the personnel visit and if it should be allowed or prohibited from employees.

Twitter. com


Skype ip telefoni. com


Out of the sites employees generally visit I've only decided to ban tatts. com and tomwaterhouse. com; the reason why I possess chosen to bar these two websites is because they may be completely unrelated to job and would definitely show too little of productivity within the workplace in the event that workers are constantly applying these two gambling websites for personal use should not be authorized in the internet use policy. Likewise the reason why I use permitted get social media websites like Facebook or myspace, Twitter and Skype is the fact so the Sales and...

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