Functions of Management Composition

Functions of Management

Jennifer Byrd

Aug 30, 2010


Add Driscoll

Features of Managing

Managers in organizations are in charge of for working with subordinates and resources with the organization to complete goals inside. The functions of management consist of several different operations at several levels in the organization. Every single level of administration delegates responsibilities to the reduced to ensure subordinates are accomplishing goals efficiently and proficiently.

The four functions of management incorporate planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The majority of organizations consider the features of managing as the primary management rules. The functions of the principles evolve as the business world speedily changes producing each function more adjustable. The features of management define the process of management as distinct from accounting, financing, marketing, and also other business features and provide a helpful way of classifying information about management (Encyclopedia for Business, 2010). Organizing

Planning like a managerial function requires specifying and establishing goals to achieve and determining the steps through which to take to complete these goals. During the planning method, managers need to make themselves aware about any economical conditions which may affect the future of the organization. The planning process consists of various types of planning just like strategic, tactical, and operational. Strategic preparing involves vitally examining the threats of competitors, studying the strengths and weaknesses in the organization and also developing a intend to remain competitive. Tactical planning involves implementing the ideal plan of higher level administration. Operational preparing involves activities to promote the strategic and tactical planning and specifies in detail ways to achieve the goals with the strategic and tactical plans.


Organizing like a managerial function requires making a plan of action to layout...

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