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Formats and Players in Retailing

Component I

venience stores managed under the Shopi brand. In the 1970s, Carrefour in troduced " produits libres” (generics while an early type of store brand), which are unbranded products but " as good and cheaper” and started the introduction of hard discounting. The company created the Ed chain in France, and Promodès in Spain. In the meantime, Promodès branched out in to fran chising with Champ supermarkets. In the 1980s, Metissage store company products had been introduced. Inside the 1990s, the internationalisation from the com pany started to increase and new stores had been opened all over the word (Rey nolds/Cuthbertson/Bell 2004).

Carrefour and the Multi Format Approach – Status Quo and Forecast Retail store Format Hypermarkets & Superstores 9350 Grocery stores & Neighborhood Stores 058. 1000 you, 401 0060. 96 Quantity of Stores (2005) % of Sales (2005) Number of Stores (2010) % of Sales (2010)

Stand 1 . a couple of

2, 7800

025. 330

3, 325

0022. 30

Convenience & Forecourt Retailers Discount Retailers

2, 7640

005. 5500

3, 243

0005. twenty-four

5, 5020

008. 6300

7, 302

0009. 40

Other Non-Food Formats


000. 4700


0000. 59

Internet Shops


000. 0800


0000. 10

Money & Carries & Wholesale Clubs Total

179 zero

001. 8400


0001. 51

12, 1600

75. 0000

12-15, 597

0100. 00

Resource: Planet Selling 2006b.

Carrefour is the at present leading dealer in The european union and second in the world. Which has a presence in about 30 countries, more than half of it is sales are gener ated outside France. This makes it one of the most international of all food retailers (McGoldrick 1995). The group is concentrated primarily on 3 con tinents: Europe, Latina America and Asia. The group started out this around the world expansion more than 40 years back, from which it includes gained substantial experience. While using strength on this expertise, Melange pursues a growth strategy that is certainly based progressively on it is international business (McGoldrick 1995). Thus, over the last few years, regarding 80 % of the fresh points of sale

International Development Strategy



Selling Formats - Food

had been created outdoors France. Development has been accomplished with a boost of sales outside France of eight. 3 % at continuous exchange prices. This intercontinental growth approach is based on 3 axes (Cliquet 2006): the multi format approach pertaining to flexibility and responsiveness the adoption of a common global strategy the achievement of strict earnings targets.

Progress Carrefour Through the Multi-Format Way


The worldwide enlargement of Metissage is the response to a structured strategy. Since 1999, the group has sketched on the developments and acquisitions in the various businesses to apply a specific approach, the so-called " multiple format approach”. Over and above the synergies between formats, this method creates a great impetus for international expansion (Bose 2005). The business of hypermarkets in a particular country means that we can put in place the various tools and procedures necessary for additional development (rela tionships with suppliers, logistics, marketing, etc . ). The offer can then be extended steadily by creating supermarkets and hard lower price stores and, when the country is completely mature, convenience stores. The variable format technique thus leads to growth in global revenue, improved purchasing conditions and, of course , an increased market share inside the countries que tiene cerned (Datamonitor 2005b).

Selection of Retail Forms

Complementarity of Store Formats

The multiple format approach is a vital means of securing market share in the various countries. Carrefour tries to respond to the actual needs and shopping patterns of regional customers. The multi file format approach plays a part in the speedy expansion from the crew (Shiue/Horng/Yeh 2006). It enables Car refour to copy retail brands, while improving the development of the trad e structure of your town, region or – even more...

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