Commercialization in Education Dissertation

Short Article on Commercialization of Education

" Simply no, I want my child to examine. I want him to obtain what I would not get in my childhood. I will give him education regardless if I have to shell out a huge amount of cash to the educational institutions" These are generally some lines which are explained by the father and mother of this contemporary era. Every parent endeavors their level best to offer quality education to his ward also to fulfill their dreams that they spend a lumpsum amount of cash so that their ward is actually able toВ study in the best educational institution. Educational institutions, coaching centers, educational institutions, and so forth, are prospering day by day. It seems like as if they are going to give rise to a new industry namedВ educational industry. That they charge lumsum amount of money to supply education as well as the parents blindly spend this sort of amount to teach their ward. But the query is--

WILL BE THESE CORPORATIONS PROVIDING EDUCATION OR THEY ARE REALLY DOING BUSINESS WITH THE INTENTION OF EDUCATION?? With this modern time, EDUCATION is not a more offering knowledge or teaching children so that they can learn more and more about the society. Rather it includes converted into a organization in almost every establishment charge a large amount in return with the facilities they offer. In the finest educational institutions of the world, donations will be taken in come back of signing up an average pupil and providing him education. Advertisements manufactured by the schools, colleges, coaching's, and so forth is a way of getting more and more customers in form of pupils and surely their organization is prospering day by day. Basically the parents are getting cheated in the name of education. Even if it gives rise to a new industry, this industry will never be able to match its social responsibility towards society. The machine of education in the world needs to improve; this is of education has to increase. Providing education should not be restricted to providing lumsum amount of money. The meaning should be giving quality education to the youngsters to develop the earth. This is not what " I" as a great...

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