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п»їCommunication Diary by Thidarat Thipbumrung




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Why/Why Not



Job Interview

I had interviewed for housekeeping job in Hilton Lodge Brisbane. I used to be talking Human Resources Coordinator and Executive House cleaning. They were requesting about my experienced in my last job in New Zealand and also steps to make customers fulfill when they arrive to the motel. Yes

It had been very effective meeting as I quite understand the level of all inquiries so I can clearly clarified. Senders were using formal language with no complicated word as they absolutely know that receiver is not an English indigenous speaker. That they always use body gestures and face expressions. I do think face-to-face interview like this is the best channel to communicate. 12/08/2014



I go through an article about how exactly in Chinese suppliers the police are employing a new way to punish drivers who travel with very bright lamps in their cars bothering other drivers. This new technique comprise in sitting the arrest in a feces in front of the law enforcement car to get 5 minutes together with the cop's car lights manifest at these people on complete beam. Offenders will also obtain a $50 fine and a lecture through the police. Certainly

It's an efficient article to communicate a clear idea regarding new laws being sit down in Cina. It's a write-up where a selection of simple phrases are used to retain an easy studying, giving all the details to fulfill an entire description with the news. 12/08/2014


Study in the class

I was learning in Advertising class and couldn't look closely at lecturer since one of classmate took the shoe off. No

Tv-sender (lecturer) do the best work to make recipient get as much as knowledge intended for attend the students. It was certainly not effective conversation as usual because of human pheromones (body smell). 12/08/2014


Student Assistance Meeting

I had fashioned appointment with Student Services team inside the library to go over about any problem I have during my first semester at university. Yes

It had been an effective sales and marketing communications as tv-sender used a lot of motion to express tips and sentiment to make device feel secure and clam to talk about the problems. 13/08/2014


Short concept

A TEXT MESSAGE was brought to me with a friend, providing me details to arrange a meeting for Weekend in the afternoon with no even more details because place or perhaps time. No

It was not a good communication method due to the insufficient details within the message, which is couldn't let the meeting works. Moreover, sender should offer more detail including where, when so receiver will know specifically and give the best feedback. 14/08/2014



An advertising campaign on TV by simply Australian Reddish Cross convincing the viewers to contribute blood through a conceptualized concept as " roll up your sleeve”. It is shown different situations on the lifestyle where many of us roll our sleeves ahead of helping other persons. Motivating people to roll up their fleshlight sleeves and donate blood. Certainly

It's a great and successful channel to use persuasive letters (AIDA sequence) such as " Donate Blood” with a exclusive and succeeding in the process to be placed in people's mind.



A radio station station on the internet

I would like to update music trend in Thailand, thus search for some radio stations. Certainly

It was wonderful to hearing native terminology from the car radio sometimes since now I live in Brisbane, which will mainly uses English vocabulary. And also much easier to understand and pay attention to precisely what is being explained. 16/08/2014


Junk mail

Trying to find receiving consecutive emails from a recognized outfits company trying to appeal me with low prices, and special offers even when I've already unsubscribed this assistance. And set this as spam on my inbox No

It can not an effective process, because the company is definitely forcing myself to check marketing information that i don't go through the necessity and I don't want to receive. For a good communicational process equally parts should agree with the flow of information between them....

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