Written Logical Essay

Julie Walsh Cowie PTLLS Level 4

Explanation for micro-teach

(Using Comprehensive Learning and Teaching Methods in Lifelong Learning) Subject matter: Hair extensions and methods of add-on

Room: H6

Range of learners: 6-9

Start period:

My micro-teach is about hair extensions and, ways of attachment. I actually am presently not in a teacher / trainer function, but I actually work with hair extensions in my work as a hair stylist, therefore i feel fairly comfortable delivering this subject to a group of novice. The aim should be to explain how to apply h?r forl?ngelse using the video in technique of attachment. To achieve this I must make certain that objectives are SMART (Specific, Measured, Achievable, Realistic, Period Driven). To obtain learning end result I will deliver my mini teaching treatment, demonstrating an array of teaching and learning approaches to engage and motivate students. To deliver my lesson I have chosen to make use of a PowerPoint display, hand outs, demonstration and group practice session upon mannequins. Let me use the Psychotic motor website of learning (doing) to asses learning. During the sensible practice period I will work with open questioning. I will also use descriptive opinions to describe the actual have done and what they can easily do to complete the task successfully. Dale (1969) devised the cone of learning and knowledge to express just how people keep in mind what they read, hear, see and do. I use designed my personal session to allow learning with this concept in mind.

Hair extensions can be described as wide subject, I will target my delivery on, a brief history and the reason for hair extensions, and the clip-in technique of attachment. To allow learning it is essential that I was well prepared, one example is I will require a clear and structured lessons plan, with detailed break down of the program regarding content, teacher/learner actions, resources, learning checks, allocated timings and assessment actions. I will make use of a mixture of teaching and learning approaches to continue to keep learners motivated and employ resources to compliment different learning styles. It is also important to make sure the learning environment is safe and supportive, ideal and available. To do this I must ensure that space lay out, space temperature and lighting is appropriate. It is also important to carry out risk assessment and report virtually any hazards identified. Being aware of the accident, open fire and unexpected emergency procedure is very important if there is a purpose to evacuate. The sign-up is also essential if there is a purpose to expels, this give you the detail of attendance and will eliminate the problem of trying to find learners who had not attended on the day in question. The Health and Safety at the job Act (1974), states that reasonable proper care should be taken for the health and safety for yourself and others. Keeping record is important to screen attendance and progress in the learners.

To ensure learning has taken place also to support the learning process and aid understanding, verbal and non-verbal connection should be successful and ideal and to the amount of the scholars. A level 2 learner really should not be expected to conduct at level 4. This can be achieved by using assertive tones, speaking just a little slower and louder without shouting. nonverbal communication comes with body language just like eye contact, pose, facial appearance and signals. A teacher/trainer should business lead by example; enter the classroom projecting a specialist image simply by dressing intelligent, being polite and polite, use aggressive tone to assemble the attention with the learners. Rules should be talked about and discussed; some guidelines are compulsory and are made without settlement. Learners must be aware of rules, to inspire respect, and manage actions. Example of enforced rules is usually: •No cigarette smoking

•No anti-social behaviour

•Following health and protection regulation

•respecting others' landscapes and morals.

Negotiable ground rules

•No ingesting or...

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