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* History Facts & Notes for 2011

Throughout the 17th century the Caribbean economy knowledgeable a great change that would be groundbreaking. This change was called theВ " Sugar Revolution".

TheВ " Sugars Revolution" В describes the alter from tobacco to sugar while the chief plant of the location and the adjustments that were associated with it. But what were the factors that led to this great change?


* Competition. West Of india tobacco encountered great competition from smoking cigarettes grown in the North American colony of Virginia. Virginia developed tobacco of any better quality and larger amount compared to the West Indies. Due to the demand for tobacco in England, Virginia was able to meet this demand, thus the necessity for Western world Indian cigarette decreased when it was of an low quality compared with cigarettes from Va.

2. Demand for Glucose In The european union. During the seventeenth century, coffee and tea became popular in Europe. For this reason there was a demand for glucose to enhance these refreshments, as darling which was applied became expensive. They also required sugar to preserve fruits and make jams.

* Proper climate and soil. The West Indies possessed the best climate (tropical) for developing sugarcane. They also had the best soil which has been easily drained to cultivate the crop.

* Sugars was not large. Sugar was light which made it easy to transport in the tiny ships employed during the seventeenth century. В

* Access to Market. Throughout the transatlantic journey, the Western world Indies became more accessible for the European marketplaces. В

* Help In the " Our god Fathets' (Dutch). The Nederlander helped inside the establishment in the sugar industry by providing their expertise in sugarcane fostering, capital and labour (slaves).

It was these kinds of facts that made it easy for the Western Indian sugar industry to formulate during the 17th century.

What effects do the introduction of slaves to the Caribbean have around the society and economy with the region? What political results did it include?


1 )  An manufactured increase in how big the population as literally hundreds of thousands of African slaves were imported annually into the New World. installment payments on your  A change in the racial composition of the society. Ahead of the Sugar Innovation the majority of the inhabitants was white-colored and the group black. By the mid-18th century blacks far outnumbered whites, in some cases the ratio was just as much as 25: you 3.  A host of new laws were introduced to regulate and establish the relationship between master and slaves. By way of example the Deficiency Act was passed to handle the bumpy ration. Then simply each Colonial Power drew up their own pair of laws:  Spanish: Siete Partidas,  French: Code Noirand the English colonies enacted all their individual Slave Codes. 4.  A whole new traditions was introduced- the Photography equipment culture. There is a small amount of blending of the two cultures too. 5.  A new ‘breed' of person was launched. These were the mulattoes. They were the away springs with the whites and blacks. six.  Society started to be highly stratified. A person was now judged firstly by color and then prosperity, so that a poor white was regarded to be of the higher position than a wealthy mulattoe.


7. В The pattern of landownership changed. Before glucose and captivity there were many farmers proudly owning small plots on which that they grew cigarettes and other money crops. This kind of pattern converted to a few landowners owning huge estates on which they cultivated sugar walking cane to be made into raw muscavado sweets for export to the Mom Country. eight. В The value of area increased considerably towards the end of the 17thВ century and in to the 18thВ century as increasing numbers of sugar estates were being established. 9. В Large amounts of capital were committed to the glucose industry. Most of this capital however came from the Mother Country on its own. Soon the West American indian planters became indebted to (European) United kingdom bankers, traders and vendors. В 10. В The planting owners started to be very rich. Some of them travelled...

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