Dairy Farming Essay

Dairy Farming: Dawn to Sunset

They say you never really know what you have until it finally is gone. This might sound cliché but I will relate to that one hundred and ten percent. In the time I was born, my farm was always with your life. There was a significant amount of one's and ambiance around the house. We raised dairy cows and if you are familiar with dairy products farming, you know that it is quite a task. This can be a year round task that requires a large investment of energy. It included my complete family – my parents, grandpa and grandma, uncle, and my brother and I. Knowing all that, you can imagine the impression of anxiety I experienced when we sold our cows around the time I was ten years old. Ever since then, the ambiance around the farm is promoting drastically.

It is hard to describe the atmosphere around a milk farm to someone who has never been around one. Many persons do not realize the excitement associated with a farming operation. In particular, when it is a household operation, you experience very close to everyone mainly because you almost all have to come together and work at a common goal, much like the a sense of being on a team. I for one are also very likely to be outside and there is a lot of that on a dairy farm. Imagine the smell of new cut hay in the areas, the aroma of hammer toe dust completing your nasal area, and the sounds of cattle bellowing inside the distance. This stuff may not seem to be all that attractive, but to me they make me recall home. They earn me think of family and of hard work. It could sound odd, but they cause me to feel think fun. The smell of manure and of silage, the sound from the barn lover turning more than, the roaring of the corn dryer – all of these issues bring me a strong feeling of comfort and peace. In order I can clarify it is that they reminded me of good times. They will made me experience happy. Currently, whenever We step foot on any farm that is certainly alive and full of these smells, sights, and noises, I feel this same way. This reminds me showing how much I actually miss the days when our dairy farm was...

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