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Indo-Pakistani Battle of the year of 1971

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Indo-Pakistani Warfare of year 1971

Part of Indo-Pakistani Wars and Bangladesh Liberation War| Date| 3–16 Dec 1971

Location| Eastern front side:

( India-East Pakistan border)

Western the front:

India-West Pakistan border and Line of Control

Result| Decisive Indian success.[1][2][3]

Eastern entrance:

Pakistani pushes surrender.

European front:

India declares unilateral ceasefire after Pakistani give up in the east.[4]| Territorial

changes| Secession of East Pakistan as the independent express of Bangladesh.


IndiaEast Pakistan

Mukti Bahini

Unofficially supported by:

Soviet Union|  Pakistan Unofficially supported by:

United States




Commanders and leaders

Leader Varahagiri Venkata Giri

PM HOURS Indira Gandhi

Gen Mike Manekshaw

Luxury touring. Gen. L. S. Arora

Lt. Gen. G. G. Bewoor

Luxury touring. Gen. K. P. Candeth

Lt. Style. Sagat Singh

J. N. R. John

Adm S i9000. M. Nanda

ACM Pratap Lal| Leader Yahya Khan

PM Nurul Amin

Style. Abdul Hamid Khan

LGen Gul Hassan Khan

LGen Tikka Khan

LGen A. A. K. Niazi�

LGen Abdul Ali Malik

LGen Akhtar Hussain Malik

Main General Iftikhar Janjua

Vice Admiral Muzaffar Hassan

ARE Abdul Rahim Khan


500, 1000 troops| 365, 000 troops

Casualties and losses

a few, 843 wiped out[5]

9, 851 wounded[5]

1 Frigate1 Nautico Plane[6][7]American indian Okha harbor damaged/fueling services destroyed.[8]Damage to western Indian airfields.[9][10][11]Pakistani Claims130 IAF Aircraft[12][13]Of india Claims45 I ALLA FALL Aircraft[14]| being unfaithful, 000 wiped out[15] 4, 350 wounded

ninety-seven, 368 captured

2 Destroyers[16]

1 Minesweeper[16]

1 Submarine[17][18]

3 Patrol boats

7 Gunboats Pakistani main port Karachi facilities damaged/fuel tanks damaged[16][19]Pakistani airfields damaged and cratered[20]Pakistani Promises (add the fig here)Indian Claims94 PAF Aircraft[14]

[show] vteIndo-Pakistani Conflict of 1971


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[show] vteIndo-Pakistani disputes


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The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was obviously a military discord between India and Pakistan. Indian, Bangladeshi and intercontinental sources consider the beginning of the war to get Operation Chengiz Khan, Pakistan's 3 12 , 1971 preemptive strike upon 11 Of india airbases.[21][22] Lasting merely 13 days it is regarded as one of the shortest wars of all time.[23][24] Throughout the war, Indian and Pakistani makes clashed within the eastern and western fronts. The war effectively ended after the Asian Command from the Pakistani Armed Forces signed the Instrument of Surrender,[25] upon 16 Dec 1971 pursuing which East Pakistan seceded as the independent state of Bangladesh. Between 80, 000 and 93, 1000 members from the Pakistan Military including paramilitary personnel were taken as Prisoners of Warfare by the Indian Army[26][27] It is estimated that between 2, 1000, 000 and 3, 500, 000 people were murdered in Bangladesh, and up to four hundred 1, 000 women raped by the Pakistaner armed forces,[28] specifically Bengali Hindus.[29][30] Because of the issue, a further six to eaight million people fled the nation at the time to find refuge in neighbouring India.[31] Contents�[hide] 1 Background2 India's...

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