early years Essay

п»їContext and guidelines for early years progression (CU1533)

2 . one particular Explain how different ways to work with children in the early years offers influenced current provision in the united kingdom

All of the UK nations develop framework in another way. Approaches that contain had a wonderful impact on our childhood curricula will be, Reggio Emilia, High/scope, Montessori and Steiner.

Reggio, affects the EYFS in many ways just like practitioners rendering the children initiated play, as well enabling environment that encourages practitioners to consider how abundant the environment is made for the children and also emphasis on sensory and outdoor play, featuring children methods of learning through play.

High/Scope, influences the EYFS in similar methods to Reggio in it encourages child-initiated perform as well as motivating practitioners to talk to children about learning.

Montessori, influences practitioners to observe children individually to provide better quality of play and leaning it also helps to offer challenging play and learning to progress support progression

Steiner, encourages make use of playing organic objects to get babies and toddlers

In order you can see to sum up statements there are plenty of guidelines that have an impact on the guidelines within the UK which the EYFS uses and generally there for impact on how practitioners work and children master.

1 . three or more Explain why early years frameworks emphasise a personal and person approach to learning and advancement.

Each child is usually an individual and it is different it is vital to focus on the child's individual needs as they develop at distinct rates, they may be unique, children come from a varied selection of backgrounds. Thus children will vary needs and interests and require a range of different possibilities in order to accomplish. The EYFS also stresses the importance of personalisation of learning and development experience. They also stress the importance of observing children and working together with them on the basis of their...

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