Play Evaluation: Agnoia Article

" What on Earth am i not here for? ” as Rick Warren's bestseller book, The idea Driven Existence, asks the readers. I believe that this is a same issue that the play Agnoia tried to convey. Agnoia is a perform performed by FEU Theatre Guild (FTG) last March 2013. The term agnoia is actually a Greek term which literally means " ignorance” – an ideal definition to get man's lack of ability to understand his being. The setting in the play was in a medical center – because what the shifting props (actors dressed and painted white) and the " Paging Doctor Linaw” implies. I absolutely loved the stage design. I believed it was very creative and unique (because of it is oddity). As usual, Director Dudz Terania do another stupendous job. And it's already very well known that FTG performers wonderful actors. So what on earth really stirred me was the story by itself. The enjoy didn't have got a main history. Each of the heroes has their own tales; however they share the similar idea: looking for their particular purpose/destiny. At the start of the play, all the heroes are shed. They don't know the best next with their lives nor were they living the life that was designed for them. Then simply as the story goes a few found out the response, some did not, some are nonetheless confused while some just leave everything to the celebs. In the end, most of us choose to believe what we believe is right, you cannot find any single fact. I think Agnoia is a very good piece since it got me personally thinking. In the event you analyze the storyplot, you'll realize that all the factors are interconnected and are emblematic. Just like the " Paging Doctor Linaw” announcement. The line was repeated many times during the initially part of the play. Why? Since all the heroes still have the question of purpose or all their destiny within their minds. And it is no coincidence that the physician's name was " Linaw. ” I actually salute Liza Magtoto for producing a wonderful and ingenious narrative.

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