Essay in Analysis of «The Bet»

Analysis of " The Bet"

" The Bet" is a short tale that explores a moral theme about the value of human your life as viewed through two perspectives. В However , the story is constructed with an important, ironic twist that brings you back to the initial context of the bet (if the lawyer could put up with solitary confinement for 20 years), and presents an urgent result. В One can finally see that Anton Chekhov presents the readers with two diverse paths in the story. A single path is that of an old banker who will not face his own morality and the other is the lawyer (prisoner) who will be a more youthful man in his mid-twenties facing his very own morality, nevertheless falls into despair as they is so disconnected from the outside globe even after gaining comprehensive amounts of expertise during his fifteen years in solo confinement. В These two personas may flourish on modify, but they equally alter their particular human values in several significant ways. В

The bank, a spoiled and pampered man, is extremely nervous and becomes caught up by excitement at the time he makes a guess with the legal professional. В This really is shown when he says, " Fifteen! Carried out... Gentlemen, I actually stake two millions" (412). В Chekhov shows someone that this can be an energetic act one could expect of somebody youthful seeing that he explains it because excitability, which he wasn't able to get over actually in the advancing years. Afterwards in the account, Chekhov chemicals the symbol of a cowardly man who lacks the bravery to put up with the reality of his situation. В Eventually before the legal professional is to be naturally his independence, the banker becomes irritated and highly anxious, " The only escape from personal bankruptcy and disgrace--is that the man should die" (414). В At this point, someone can find the banker's path from boastfully producing a silly bet to being the one to give up everything he had staked, and determine that his own values reach an all-time low.

However, the legal professional, an older and wiser man in the end, shows his energetic...

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