Implementation and Evaluation of Mis Exploration Paper

mplementation of MIS

The choice of the device or the sub-system depends on where it stands in the total MIS prepare, the size of the device, the user knows of the program and the difficulty and its interface with other systems. The designer initial develops devices independently and starts adding them with some, enlarging the program scope and meeting the varying information needs.

Identifying the position in the system in the MIS is not hard. The real issue in the degree of structure, and formalization in the program and techniques which determine the timing and life long development of the system. Higher the degree of structured ness and formalization, greater is the stabilization from the rules, the procedures, decision making and the knowledge of the overall organization activity. Here, it is discovered that the customer's and the custom made interaction happen to be smooth, every other's will need are clearly understood and revered mutually. The expansion becomes a organized approach with certainty in input-process and outputs. MIS is generally utilized by medium and bigger scale businesses. However , little organizations will be yet to comprehend its app. There is dreadful need to increase computer culture by properly disseminating details about computer applications and its rewards.

Implementation of MIS may be achieved by applying any of the methods such as direct, parallel, flip or stage in.

• Direct Way

Direct installation of the new program with instant discontinuance in the old existing system is reffered as " cold turnkey” approach. This method becomes valuable when these types of factors are believed.

1 . The new system truly does no exchange the existing system.

2 . Outdated system is considered absolutely of no benefit

3. New system is compact and simple.

5. The design of the brand new system is economical with more positive aspects and less risk involved.

• Parallel Strategy

The selected fresh system is set up and managed with current system. This process is expensive because of duplicating facilities and private to maintain both systems. From this approach a target date must be fixed if the operations of old system cease and new one will operate on its own.

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