Freedom Versus Predestination: a Comparative Research Essay

Freedom versus Predestination: A Comparative Analysis

Shane Furlong

Humanities 4640

The spring 14, 2013 (Week 5)

Freedom vs Predestination: A Comparative Research

This week's essay can be described as comparative research of the hypotheses of freedom (indeterminism) and predestination (religious determinism). Each of our analysis will attempt to confirm the superiority from the theory of freedom within the theory of predestination. First, we will examine the idea of predestination as it is discussed in the text " Ethics: Theory and Practice” (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2012). The business of the text lends itself to our analysis because it highlights distinctions between the two theories in the defining procedure. We will illustrate the idea of predestination by offering a good example which will humanize the theory. Next, we will certainly explore the theory of freedom through the lens of predestination. We will exhibit the idea of liberty with an illustration. Finally, all of us will examine and compare the two ideas by displaying their applicability for this society and arguing the prevalence of the theory of independence over the theory of predestination.

According to Thiroux and Krasemann, " religious determinism, or predestination, is derived from the attributes designated, especially in the primary Western beliefs (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), to some supernatural being. ” These features are toute-puissance and omniscience. ” The written text goes on to state, if " this staying has made a decision I will business lead a good existence and " go to nirvana, ' i then will; if, on the other hand, it includes decided I will lead a bad life and " go to hell, ' then I can do that rather. I have virtually no say above what I or anyone else does because almost everything has been predestined, preprogrammed, ‘predetermined' by a great almighty great being (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2012). ” The theory disagrees that since this supernatural being has unlimited power and unlimited know-how, it is in complete control over the activities of the...

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