Galileo’s Sentencing to Prison Essay

Galileo Galilei was born in 1564 in Pisa, Italy. By a young age group his relatives moved to Florence where he grew up. At about the age of 33, Galileo begins to have confidence in the Copernican or heliocentric model of the universe rather than the Ptolemaic or perhaps geocentric model. Galileo then used magnification glasses to develop telescopes to find the stars better. He realizes that the Copernican model offers better answers for what this individual discovered in the sky as well as for what happens here at earth than the Ptolemaic. Then he publishes the task Letters about Sunspots. Following this is done the clergy from the Catholic Cathedral begins to attack the Copernican view. An argument ensues between your Catholic House of worship and Galileo which ultimately leads to him being arrested and sentenced to house police arrest for heresy. This sentencing of Galileo was a huge overreaction. My spouse and i definitely differ with this kind of sentence. Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for his entire life. His crime would not deserve this harsh consequence. Galileo was only guilty of disagreeing with the Catholic Chapel. He failed to do anything to hurt nor corrupt anyone. The Catholic Church was trying to support the power they had over the people by certainly not allowing anyone to disprove their particular theory. That they didn't wish to look wrong therefore they billed Galileo of heresy and locked him up. In my experience, this is a bad excuse to lock an individual up. There were people in this world that deserved to be locked up more than Galileo just for confirming things he previously discovered. If perhaps this took place today, the prisons can be way to full of persons. Everyone speaks out against the government currently and the government has to cope with it. Galileo was merely trying to notify people instead of start difficulties. He also gave facts to his theory which still don't help his case. It seems like as though the Catholic Chapel held a grudge against Galileo and gave him a severe punishment. It is hard to say that individuals agree or disagree with this consequence simply because of...

This is essay talks about Nick’s loss of innocence and his growing awareness.