Essay regarding HCS 440 Week 3 Team A Health Care Reform Project Part II


Health Care Reform Project Part II

Marlyn Aguirre

Kristy Borowicz

Barbara " Shellie" Cobbs

Jessica Wilson

Economics: The Auto financing of Healthcare

HCS 440

George Atkins

December 18, 2013

Health Care Reform Job Part 2

Article One particular Solution

Uninsured immigrants and illegal extraterrestrials continue to trouble the United States private hospitals and medical systems producing care difficult to obtain by those who are in the us legally, and pay for medical care. There are some extremely good ideas how you can solve, if perhaps not sluggish the development, of this trouble. Requiring every foreigners to get fingerprinted after entry to the United States is a first thought. A responsibility of the immigrant is to provide an American bring in prior to admittance, willing to become financially and legally responsible for him or her. Fingerprinting the zugezogener when they are seeking medical treatment provides, the ability to observe illegals accessing health care treatment. Cross checking the fingerprints together with the Department of Homeland Protection (DHS) will verify the immigrant's legal status. This may serve the dual purpose of finding illegal aliens to return to her or his country of origin, or if there is a celebration responsible for the patient's medical bills, locate the payee.

" Congress also needs to clarify existing federal emergency medical services laws regarding the termination of the hospital's obligation for continuous care following your provision of emergency treatment to support the patient” (Ruark & Martin, 2009, p. 22). It would be inhumane to turn any individual in will need away from a hospital. He or she could be cured and sent on his or her approach, instead of allowing an uninsured immigrant to stay in the hospital intended for weeks, drawing hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuable healthcare. Other conditions must be produced at a low cost outpatient medical clinic for followup care. Verification of the person's fingerprints and status previously took place inside the emergency department.

Forcing companies of unskilled laborers to provide minimum health care insurance for employees and families may relieve the challenge somewhat. Possessing the companies of these workers accountable for the medical charges if he or she is definitely not ready to provide health care insurance for employees may inspire paid benefits. The momentary workers here on work kompakti?kas are not provided any benefits.

These are generally just 3 of the tips offered by the researched content and appear to become excellent ideas, yet so far untried. Even if a portion in the illegal immigrant health care had been reimbursed it will be a remarkable learn to this overpowering problem. Article two Remedy

There is a needy need to support balance hostipal wards economic crisis as a result of unreimbursed medical services presented to against the law immigrants. There are many proposed alternatives to this situation, but so far, this is still ignored with little to no actions taken within this matter. The federal government has not used hospitals unreimbursed expenses significantly, and they carry on and ignore the fact that illegal immigration is all their responsibility. The article reviewed shows that because against the law immigration is definitely the responsibility from the federal government, the assistance provided by states, communities, and hospitals must be reimbursed by federal government (Green & Matn, 2004). In the event the Federal government would not have the financing to pay for these kinds of services they need to work tightly with private hospitals on strategies to such problems. Hospitals and other providers have to deal with such burden on their own with little support from the federal government. This really is unfair because there are immigration serves in place which should reimburse hostipal wards for companies provided to illegal foreign nationals, but because these acts are not financed, hospitals are generally not reimbursed. When hospitals always provide aufstrebend treatment to illegals, the unreimbursed dollars amounts for the services reaches its top peak. This kind of burden continually cost...

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