Heroes Quest Essay

Twenty-two-year-old Singer/Songwriter Aug Alsina was destined to become a great role model. By a young age, he went through more than most people go through within a lifetime. This forced him becoming a strong, impartial and successful person. When he was young, he was exposed to medicines, streets, and gang violence. His neurological father and stepfather had been crack junkies. His mother was identified to remove him from that ambiance. They relocated to Houston, The state of texas. After being there, he was encountered with more prospect and a much better chance for accomplishment.  Not after,  August was informed that his father had passed away coming from drugs. September used music to comfort his heart and separate him via everything else in the world that had a negative influence on him. He previously big dreams and so very much hidden talent. Artist such as Lauren Hill, Musiq Soulchild, & Lyfe Jennings inspired him to take his singing one stage further. August shortly began publishing his movies on you pipe to share his musical talents to the world. With millions of views, August was becoming more interested in his music.  However, after his closest friend was shot and killed having been under a lots of tension.  Not long after his mother started him out of the house. At age of sixteen, he returned home to New Orleans with no function model or perhaps adult generally there to guide him. August dropped back into the streets. His older brother Melvin LaBranch III was hustling as well. These were just planning to survive on this planet alone. They will sold drugs to make a living, however , this kind of didn't lift weights too very well. His buddy Melvin was shot and killed. This was tragic and heart breaking, yet his brother's death was the turning point for August. His event was his ideas to stay off of the streets and turn extremely focused on his music. Augusts' exclusive voice found the attention of NNTME MuCo.  Once signed with noontime August moved to Atlanta, Georgia. With September becoming another big thing and living his biggest dreams who is aware where he could end up five years...

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