Essay about how have changes in technology written for the the positive effect of market segments and development? Would the globalization of markets and...

Technology enhances globalization. In previous two decades, technology burst out like an surge, definitely, the improvements of technology generate our lives far more convenience. And, the advanced technology in microprocessors, Internet, and transportation permit the spreading out of globalization. Hill, C., (2001) stated " Globalization offers two primary components: the globalization of markets as well as the globalization of product. " In other words, the changing in technology might lead to an influence on globalization of markets and globalization of production.

The widely use in microprocessors and telecommunications elevating the amount of info being transmitted, but reduced its cost. This is helpful in blending markets. The opportunities to get companies to expend businesses are raised, because of plummeting in global conversation cost. Updated data can be collected, and monitoring offshore markets trend would become easier. Furthermore, population of using Net grows continuously since 95 (Hill, C., 2001). This helps to create a global audience; advertisings are not limited by geographic region any longer. Products can sold at overseas, including Hill, C. (2001) pointed out customer can find Levi's jeans in Rome; McDonald's cafe located in Tokyo. And, the expense of transportation dropped, due to the changed distinguishly in travel business, likewise helpful for enlargement of business. Manufacturers may transport goods at a lower cost and a short time.

Because the trendy of globalization of development, productive actions spread out around the world, invention and widely utilization of microprocessors and Internet help supervisor to control the effective activities, and easier to connection to additional in the process. The dispersal of production, for example Hewlett-Packard segregated its operations activities to be able to places, nevertheless reducing cost at the same time (Hill, C. 2001). As the decreasing cost in vehicles, many businesses approach their developing...

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