Essay regarding Indian Culture

I do think I like the Indian lifestyle the most since it is the one tradition that I possess see give the most sum of admiration to parents and products. like for example, once u leave the house u go to ur grandpa, grandma, mommy, dad and everything the elders and get their blessings. Every thing is done with the permission of elders. People give soo much respect to parents. Like the older parents live with the kids contrary to seen in different countries their current address a lifestyle in a senior years home. And lots of rules which i learned via my parents because of the Indian lifestyle are- -- when parents are ranking u l not meant to sit down.

- When parents are soaking in the floor u, u must not sit in a chair because it is disrespectful -when the parents like parents, teachers, faith based leaders come, u should stand up to demonstrate respect - U speak to ur elders in a fully custom in the language. Like, when u talk to parents in Hindi, u constantly us आप instead of तुम and I think most all the Indian language has that feature included in it. - U will get the benefit from elders before u leave the house. - माता-पिता -गुरु -देवा I do think that is a sanskrit saying and it gives the sense that u must always consider ur parents and teachers just like they are God like! Since according to Indian culture, knowledge can be Goddess Saraswathi and it is regarded as holy and anyone who provides knowledge is recognized as closer to The almighty in the cardiovascular system! What a superb thought! I always thought that stating was lovely!

It is also a culture with a lot of rules and customs about how to behave in front of other people. Just like I remember when i was like almost 8 or being unfaithful I entered my lower limbs and I was sitting in the couch out of the blue, my granddad made fun of me personally and explained not to stay like that. After i went house, my asked my mom why? then she said costly Indian tradition that women don't mix their hip and legs in front of community. At first i used to be upset, although.... later We coped program it.

I love the culture as it gives the many amount worth addressing to...

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