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Jollibee is the most significant fast food chain in the Korea, operating a nationwide network of more than 750 retailers. A prominent market innovator in the Israel, Jollibee looks forward to the lion’s share in the local industry that is much more than all the other international brands merged. The company in addition has embarked on an aggressive intercontinental expansion program in the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei, firmly establishing itself as an expanding international QSR player. A firm that ideals family

Jollibee was founded simply by Tony Suntan and his friends and family with its humble beginnings since an Your favorite ice cream Parlor which later grew into a great emerging global brand. In the middle of the success of the claims is a family-oriented approach to personnel management, producing Jollibee one of the most admired business employers in the region with an Employer in the Year Merit from the Staff Management Association of the Philippines, Best Employer in the Korea Award via Hewitt Affiliated and a premier 20 Workplace in Asia citation from your Asian Wsj. Aside from promoting a family oriented work environment, the brand’s principles also reflect on their marketing and advertising. Jollibee understands their audience very well: the standard family and all communication materials focus on the value of friends and family values, producing Jollibee the top family take out chain in the Philippines and a growing international QSR player. A Well-Loved Brand

Client satisfaction has always been key to Jollibee’s accomplishment. Never dropping sight of its goals, Jollibee is continuing to grow to be one of the most recognized and highly recommended brands inside the Philippines. Right now the market head among junk food chains in the Philippines, declaring a market discuss that quantites to over fifty percent of the entire industry. Great tasting products and quality systems

Jollibee’s growth is because of its delightful menu series – like its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger and Champ hamburger, and heavenly satisfying Jollibee Spaghetti -ably complemented with creative advertising programs, and efficient developing and logistics facilities. It is made possible simply by well-trained teams that work within a culture of integrity and humility, fun and family-like. Just about every Jollibee wall socket welcomes consumers with a spending warm in-store environment and friendly and efficient service. And it is this kind of tried and tested mixture of delivering great-tasting food, devotedness to first class operating requirements and the universal appeal of the family values the brand symbolizes that are traveling the expansion of Jollibee both nearby and in the overseas market. Widest retail store network in the Philippines and an growing global gamer Jollibee may be the largest junk food chain in the Philippines, functioning a across the country network of more than 750 retailers. A prominent market head in the Israel, Jollibee looks forward to the lion’s share from the local industry that is a lot more than all the other multinational brands combined. The company has also embarked on a great aggressive worldwide expansion program, and currently has 85 stores beyond the Philippines-USA (26), Vietnam (32), Brunei (11), Jeddah (7), Qatar, Hong Kong, and Kuwait (1 each), firmly establishing itself as a growing intercontinental QSR gamer. Click on the link for record of stores



A Triumph for and of the Filipino and a source of Philippine pride. Jollibee dedicated the continuous accomplishment to the Filipinos who have been right now there from the extremely start. Jollibee is so highly respected everytime a new store starts, especially overseas, Filipinos often form lengthy lines for the store. It is more than label them. It is just a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pleasure. Values

Customer Focus


Respect pertaining to the Individual


Spirit of Family and Entertaining

Humility to Listen and Learn

Honesty and Ethics



To provide great tasting foodstuff, bringing the delight of ingesting to everybody. FSC Standards

Jollibee’s extraordinary...

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