Just how Should Pets or animals Be Treated Essay


Animals have been man's friends (માણસ ના મિત્રો) for centuries. They may have also our constant companion pets (કાયમી સાથીદારો) because they will help us in many ways. All their services (સેવાઓ) to the human race (માનવજાત માટે ની) great and astounding. Meat, epidermis, bones and milk of animals are being used all over the world. The horse, the camel, the elephant, the donkey, the reindeer etc . are used for venturing and travel. Thus, they can be very useful to mankind.

But the way we treat the animals? We've been extremely (ખૂબ જ) selfish in the make use of the pets. We have overloaded (વધુ ભાર લાદવો) monsters of burden (ભારવાહક પશુઓ પર). We now have starved (ભૂખ્યા રાખીયે છીએ) them or perhaps flogged (ચાબુક થી ફટકારીએ છીએ)) them if they don't find out and execute (શીખે અને ભજવે નહિ) tricks (ખાસ આવડત/યુક્તિઓ) well at a festival. We do experiments (પ્રયોગો) on them and kill these people for inventing (શોધવા માટે) new medications. This makes animals suffer (સહન કરે છે) a lot. We need to remember that each of our debt (આપણું ઋણ) to these unfortunate (કમનસીબ) helpless (લાચાર) creatures (પ્રાણીઓ) can't be refunded (ભરી શકીએ તેમ નથી). It is the dairy of the cow and the zoysia grass which feeds (પોષે છે) us from our infancy (બાલ્યાવસ્થા માં).

The question is just how animals must be treated? We should be grateful (કૃતજ્ઞ) to all of them. We should not really harass (ત્રાસ દેવો/પજવવું) these people for our selfish reasons. We should not beat them to perform the tricks intended for circus. We ought to not overload them intended for transportation (પરિવહન) or get rid of them for our requirements (જરૂરિયાતો). The hunters should never hunt them. We should not really flog all of them for our selfish functions. In tierpark, the pets or animals should be looked after well (સંભાળ સારી રીતે લેવાવી જોઈએ). The site visitors also should not tease or perhaps harass these people.

We ought to love pets or animals and take care of their very own lives. We ought to treat associated with care and love mainly because their lives (જીવન) will be as important as our bait....

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