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Christian Living

(What my own studies in CL103 would to me? )

Even in college, I've observed which i still ought to study some of the basics or perhaps minor subjects like English language, Filipino and Mathematics. I was taking up Bachelor of Technology in Accountancy at the School of the Immaculate Conception and i also feel difficult because of the CL or Christian Living themes I even now need to take up. I enjoy that I enrolled in a Catholic school, yet I did not expect it will probably be taught in college. I think that CL was not associated with my course. Moreover, I'm already a Christian so I see no need for me to adopt it up anymore. But then, it was my choice to study here and element of it is becoming required to take CL up as part of the program. I initially thought that it will be a boring subject because We didn't think about its value. I finished my general education by from the Sto. Cristo Grammar school and my high school education at Standard de Christ College. Since both of them weren't Catholic universities, they had not provided me with religious beliefs subjects. So I have grown up not experienced of my very own religion. And so when I started my analyze at University of the Immaculate Conception, I discovered it hard to cope up with CL subjects. It absolutely was only in during college or university that I started learning things about my religious beliefs. As I was taking up Cl101 and CL102 (under Sister Hermina and Sister Mari Flor, respectively), I reached realize that Now i'm only a Christian by simply name. Since I don't have encountered virtually any religion themes, I haven't gained very much knowledge about Christianity. I simply celebrate the Holy Mass and other faith based celebrations inside our town since my friends desire me to join them. And so I'm incredibly thankful to my nun teachers since they have presented me the knowledge that I needed, and they include provided activities like meditations which will strengthened my faith. I learned not only to accept knowledge but as well to appreciate becoming a Christian. I learned to appreciate the...

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