M150a Assessment Questions Composition

M150a Review inquiries

Unit ( 1 – 2 – 3 – 6 )

Unit one particular

Q1: Specify the following conditions:

Persona: A " photo " of someone created simply by various choices of data about him\ her. � Data: An item expertise that is generated by backlinks together items of data to answer question appealing. Perceptual data: The most old fashioned form of info that we can easily perceive with the senses. Sign (or symbol): Something that delivers some data by means other than immediate representation. Net: Refers to the physical interconnection of large amounts of data communications networks to create a huge, widely accessible " network of networks ". Web: The collection of linked data stored on the net which is reached using a browser and it is among the list of services working on the net. Search engine: A computer application that facilitates obtaining information on a certain topic on the internet. (For case in point: Yahoo & Google). Gateway: A website intended to direct users to different preselected website containing information concerning particular subject. ( Benefit: instead of looking the whole of the web for information, a gateway supplies a very concentrated means of getting information). Databases server: A pc that responds to the asks for from other personal computers. and it task is usually finding and extracting info from a database.

Allocated system: Something consists of individual computers that exchange data and details across a network to produce results for the user.

Q2: Signs could be of many types. state 3 of them with an example of every. a)   � Hearable (e. g. beep and tones used as warnings).

b)  � Aesthetic (e. g. road signs).

c)   � Tactile (e. g. Braille system).

Q3: Remote sensing satellites have already been examining the earth in two ways. Mention all of them. a)  � Using the spectrum of sunshine visible to our eyes, in addition to infrared and ultraviolet (uv) radiation. b)  � Using heat ( bogus color strategy ).

Q4: computers are tools for locating. Explain this with examples. Computers may be used to find items and details.

a)   � To look for things in the sense of tracking down them geographically, ether by: -� Making Maps which can be used for course-plotting.

- Finding something or perhaps someone with reference to a map ( GPS ). �

b)  � To find information on WWW using a internet search engine.

Q5: What are the steps involved each time a search engine is utilized? First: Keywords of the user transmitted over the internet to particular computer ( Web machine ) which will searches its index of websites laptop these keywords with a number of keywords which can be found in the websites, titles, addresses. Second: Web server retrieves references to those websites that may contain the required keywords and send out them to the user browser. Third: The web browser then shows these recommendations to the consumer. �

Q6: Mention 3 main categories of web –based selling companies and state which one of which is the most successful financially one and how come? a)   � Existing catalogue product sales companies which may have put their particular catalogues on the web to allow buyers to utilizing the web. b)  � Existing firms whose items are mainly information. c)   � Companies which may have started from day one using the world wide web as their just sales method.

Q7: exactly what advices can you give for those who make online shopping? a)   � Offer only with reputable and known web sellers.

b)  � Make sure that the websites you want to obtain are connected to secure internet server. this is indicated by: - The address shown in the pub start with " https ".

- An icon symbolizing a small key is present.

Unit 2

Q1: Define this terms:

Netiquette: is a collection of guideline setting out appropriate email and internet behavior. Supercomputers: are very significant, fast, convey more than one particular processor and very expensive pc. Super bunch computer: Will be collection of computers, they are linked by very quickly connections that allow the computers to...

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