Leadership Styles and Abilities Essay

Management Styles

I have chosen to discus my personal former manager from Orchard Pointe Memory Care Community, Julie Nottingham, she had an Democratic leadership style which seemed to be extremely productive for our community. She received the admiration from all of the employees simply by showing these people respect. We would have an important meeting once per month and everyone can have a chance to find out, make suggestions, and offer their standard opinion on how things were going off their perspective.

I may include a prejudice opinion, seeing that Julie was also my personal sister in-law, but I seriously believe should you ask other people about her, they would likewise say she's great. Jules has a seance of joy, which is a small dry, yet that makes her unique. During a normal uninteresting webinar had been everyone is about to fall asleep, Julie would spout out random, off the wall review, with a absolutely straight encounter, and keep on talking like she never said nearly anything out of the tradition. When the people who were basically still hearing caught in, which had not been many, they might just chest area out laughing, ultimately capturing the attention of everybody. Julie could then state, we could carry on, now that everyone was listening

Julie would likewise have several bonus activities pertaining to our staff, such as once per month, free gas for anyone that was on time and present for all those shifts that they can were accountable for. There was as well gifts for having zero accidental injuries, zero point out citations, and marketing fresh residents. In the event that an employee had referred anyone to our community, and they transferred a loved one in, they would get a hundred dollars bonus prove next spend check. Jules was always doing some thing for her staff, and was very well known by them and also many of the additional administrators, who followed a lot of Julies management skills.

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