Essay on Brand Managing Review upon Disneyland

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|Program Name: |MSc Marketing, Edinburgh Napier School | |Student Name: |Leung Ka Lun, Cyrus | |Matriculation Quantity: |010021992 | |Module Identity: & Amount: |Strategic Brand Management (Assignment 1 )


For evaluation 1 and 2 (2, 500 - 3, 1000 words each)

Your examination should include the next 9 topics (these matters are synchronized with the remarks given by the lecturer): 1 ) Company background

(brand history/ B2B or B2C company/ product or perhaps service/ in short , target section and positioning. For assessment 2, envision your company is already existed) 2 . Custom logo and slogan

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(describe the current logo and make clear the meaning with the company slogan. For examination 2, style a new brand and slogan for your brand, you are able to draw the emblem in your assessment) 3. Manufacturer confusion

(how to avoid company confusion through the use of source, information and client protection (Powerpoint Slide 3-5)) 4. Mindset factors

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(Brand added worth, when client choose one particular brand, they will consider five consumption principles (Powerpoint Slip 8)) В В e. g. social benefit: a brand can help you to undersatnd and communicate with distinct groups of persons - you are able to meet excessive social school people the moment playing golf within a famous golf club 5. Brand equity supervision and durability

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(Manage your brand fairness and boost the value of the brand by simply: e. g. having a good leadership/ excessive and steady market share/ competitive advantage/ no manufacturer confusion/ regular brand image/ good value and quality to customer/ increase the no . of loyal clients and their pleasure level) 6. Impact in the internet on brand expansion, brand connection В В (2 models in Powerpoint Slide 6 & 7 are recommended to use, you can discuss the part of internet communicate brand advancement, such as give up-to-date information to consumer, online-advertising to promote the brand graphic, etc ... ) 7. Foreign aspects of branding and its relation to the selected company В В (write about the huge benefits and disadvantages for your brand to become international (slide 5, 6) - standardization or modification strategies to be used to serve different market segments? ) almost 8. Capitalizing in success

(line extension and brand expansion, write about the huge benefits and disadvantages for your brand to complete brand file format (slide 4-6)) 9. Business co-branding

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(find a brand to perform co-branding together with your brand, american presto should be related and seem sensible, then you can come up with the advantage and disadvantage of this co-branding approach, also tell how to avoid dilemma when these two brands show up together) twelve. Global Kids and their brand relationships

(don't need to publish anything about this if your company is not really targeting kids)

Remarks: Doctor Omar is definitely the only gun for the two assessments, the girl...

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