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The standards of living in Hong Kong are fast and useful, most of the hongkongers need to surface finish their meals within a limited time after they work, and thus, fast food social is popular in Hong Kong and takes up a large business of the meals industry.

The take out market in Hong Kong is unique from the other western contemporary society, either ALL OF US or other Europe. Because Hong Kong are still having the classic Chinese ethnical, there are Oriental fast food store like Maxim's, Café sobre Coral and Fairwood, these kinds of fast food shop mainly sales the Chinese food to get the hongkongers, for example , they sale siumei and some Emplazamiento traditional delicacies, and some may possibly have hotpot dinner arranged that fulfill the citizens' requires.

Hk is a global city and undoubtedly it does not only the Chinese fast food shop is popular, the european fast food retailers also get a business in that. McDonald, APPLEBEES, Burger King, these American fast food shops are well known and they have many branches in Hong Kong. They generally sale burgers or fried food, hongkongers can enjoy the American food very easily.

American fast food store is certainly not the only european fast food in Hong Kong, additionally, it have some higher-grade western food, like the IKEA food, Delifrance and Pret a Manger. These junk food shops sale spaghetti, pizza, sandwiches and so forth, and the value are also bigger then the American or China Fast Food Shop. Branchs


Western Junk food

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Pret A Manger


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Delifrance is a junk food Cafe that first introduced to Hong Kong in Almiralty in 1987. The baguette, faux, bakery things and casse-cro?te are there main food. Their very own customer pledges are quality, freshness, benefit and assistance. They have a amount of thirty-one branches in Hong Kong, nevertheless three of them are not in fast food service style, and so they are erased from this job discussion. Delifrance is also a franchiser that gives a franchise to one who have interested in. Based on their strong foundation, operational experiences, these supports could make sure the franchisee has a good earnings and income.

Advertising mix of Delifrance


Delifrance is offering one of a kind French lifestyle environment, providing with traditional French dishes of fl?te, croissant, bakery items and sandwiches. They have breakfast, lunch, tea set and dinner in different period; the size of the set changes in this different time, which satisfies customers. It has standard food testing and make sure the food is in an excellent condition. Delifrance also sign up for the ‘[email protected] hk' plan and ensure the recipe is at a healthy design for the target customers that want to eat better like the Office Lady


The price of Delifrance is around $30-50 a collection. It is below Pret a Manger nevertheless the variety of foodstuff is larger than Pret while Delifrance features spaghetti, soup which people can eat it because dinner.


Delifrance has made out the advertisement in TV with a French design background music make. It will remind customer that its primary characteristic is usually selling the very best French foodstuff in town and what cool product they have.


Delifrance provides 28 twigs among the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. It really is convenience pertaining to the customers as they have divisions in many big shopping center like Amoy Plaza, Telford Plaza, Megabox. It also features branches that for the organization centre just like the Lippo Centre, World-wide Middle and the Two Chinachem Plaza in Central. Some of the divisions are in the special location too, like the Hong Kong Central Library, Queen's Mary Hospital, and the Hk International Airport that convenience with different customer in various place.

SWOT analysis of Delifrance


Delifrance is definitely the leader of the café-bakery full in Hong Kong and the area of twigs are suitable for different kind of target customers. The restaurant...

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