Mattel Case Study Analysis Composition

Unit Four Mattel Case Study Analysis

Tosha Collins

Kaplan University

School of Organization and Administration

MT 460-04 Management Coverage and Technique

Dr . K. Peterson


Unit 4 Mattel Example Analysis

In 1944, the Mattel manufacturer was founded by simply Ruth and Elliot Handler and Harold " Matt” Matson. They will launched Mattel out of any garage workshop in Southern California. The initial Mattel products were in fact picture frames, but Elliot soon started using the scrap from the picture frames to create dollhouse furniture. Harold Matson eventually sold out to his partner, Ruth and Elliot Handler. The Handler's, motivated by the accomplishment of the toy furniture and turned the emphasis in the company to toys. By simply 1955, Mattel was promoting toys through the popular demonstrate " Mickey Mouse Club”; this changed distinguishly the way toys and games were promoted (Teagarden, 2008). By late 1950s Mattel got introduced Barbie, named after all their daughter Barbara's nickname. Barbie would rapidly lead Mattel to the front of the doll industry and fascinate girls all over the world for many years. The company rolled out the equally iconic merchandise, Hot Wheels, a decade after. Mattel, an absolute toy market off-shoring leader, began production toys in offshore places to take advantage of reduce manufacturing costs and to emphasis corporate assets and interest on building brand (Mattel inc. -, " 2012). In 1960, Mattel became a publicly possessed company, stock was shown was on the New York and Pacific Coastline Stock Exchanges in 1963. By 65, sales capped $100 mil and the company joined the Fortune five-hundred. In the years into the future Mattel would enter the ever growing electronics market, they would also enter several joint projects and certification agreements that could earn them more income (Mattel incorporation. -, " 2012). A host of external factors can affect a firm's decision of direction and action. Impacting on Mattel's decisions are monetary factors, sociable factors, political factors, technological factors and ecological factors (Pearce & Robinson, 2010).

Like a leading toy company, Mattel soon identified that they had to recall most of their products. The corporation that Mattel was spending in China to produce many of their very own toys was using color that comprised lead. The lead levels exceeded the U. H federal safety regulation when it came to toys. The extra levels of business lead caused Mattel to call to mind 967, 1000 Chinese made toys (Teagarden, 2008). The largest issue pertaining to Mattel was determining what company in China was responsible for rendering the business lead based color. They also asked how they might deal with the near future manufacturing requirements and what is going to they do regarding the profit damage from the remembered toys. Different issues in this Mattel will have to face was how it was going to have an effect on their stockholders, their reliability and how they can be able to preserve their consumer bottom. The problem that Mattel faced was being able to rebound from the recall of all the so-called toys that had levels of lead in the paint. This recall led them to more than just one difficulty. The issue of losing their consumer based confidence in their goods could lead to income loss and other unforeseen concerns. Having different standards and moving corporations into the global economy can occasionally lead businesses to losing their concentrate on things which might be important. They began to save money and with that, the quality of the item loses it is value as well as the consumer will not receive a great product. In Mattel's case, by shifting their production overseas, gadget companies moved their emphasis to research and development, product design, marketing, and other key business activities of proper importance (Teagarden, 2008). To ensure Mattel to visit a solution to regain all their customer assurance and make sure that their toys were secure for children to play with, they will first needed to determine recognise the business in China and tiawan was making use of the lead based paint. Second, there needs to be guidelines or standards which can be in place...

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