Memo Jumble Sale Dissertation

Q: You really are a president of English membership, UTP. The club is definitely planning to have a Jumble sale among the university students this semester break. The profits will probably be channeled towards the needy about the Campus. Write a memo (1 page) to the members of English golf club asking for their very own contributions (in term of? ). -------------------------------------------------

Include the relevant and required details.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas

English language Club

Room 2, Block M UTP, 31750 Tronoh, Seri Iskandar, Perak

[email protected] com. my

Tel: 0526483107/Fax: 0526487013

TO: Every members

FROM: Joshua Parkinson, Leader of UTP English Membership

DATE: 10th of Aug 2013


________________________________________________________________________ Dear members of UTP English Team,

For your information, the substantial committees, director and vice president of UTP English membership are planning to hold a Charitable organization Jumble Sales on the tenth of Sept 2013. This event is meant to finance those clingy around the grounds. We will be providing them financial assistance to reduce their burden and boost their lifestyles. In order to run this charity event smoothly, really is endless that each member is able to contribute in terms of advertising, manpower and second hand merchandise. Since we could holding this for three consecutive days, we all definitely will need sufficient staff members to ensure the event is well organized. We have a lot of departments that are games, second-hand goods, adornment, and gift departments. Personnel is significant especially for presentation area setting and decorating Pocket sized C. You will see shifts for every department. With regards to second hand merchandise, we appreciate those who are happy to donate their used goods that are still in good circumstances. Items including books, outfits, toys and electric home appliances are most welcome. Advertising plays the main role to acquire publics' attention to ensure this run grandly and to acquire extra finance. The...

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