Middle Ages versus the Renaissance Essay

There are many contrasts in the beliefs and values in the Renaissance plus the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages was a time of superb suffering, including famine and widespread disease. The Renaissance, however , was obviously a revival of art, learning, and books. Their landscapes of the purpose of life in the present world and man's put in place the world was, perhaps, the best contrast. Nevertheless , their thoughts about politics, faith, and education were very different as well.

The purpose of life and man's place in the world was viewed in a different way during the Dark ages and the Renaissance. During the Ancient, also known as " The Age of Hope, " mans purpose was going to serve God. Life was looked upon being a journey. The focus of life was within the afterlife simply because there were no guarantees in the present life. The life span of greatest value was the contemplative existence, one devoted to God. The passive virtues such as consideration, suffering, and humility were highly regarded. Our god was the center of male's world during the Middle Ages. Within the Great String of Being, guy was listed below God plus the angels and above the animals, plants, and inanimate objects.

In sharp contrast, man's purpose through the Renaissance was going to exercise one's virtu, or one's excellence as a person. People presumed that lifestyle should be existed for by itself, and the beauty of this universe should be appreciated in the here and now. The focus of life was on the luxurious world of the here and now. Active virtues just like courage, intellect, and an art and craft in many fields were remarkably valued during this time. The greatest virtu of the Renaissance was actions. There was a zest intended for living, and man began to love the abundant, ornate, and lavish life-style. The concept of diligence to obtain high-end goals was conceived throughout the Renaissance. Gentleman strongly agreed with the Greek view, " Man is a measure of everything, " and was considered as the center of the world.

Another contrasting view was that of national politics. During the Ancient, the politics structure...

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