MIFC: Mapping for Trim Manufacturing Setup in the D55D Assembly Line Essay

Material and Information Circulation Chart (MIFC) Mapping pertaining to Lean

Manufacturing Implementation in the D55D Flow line

1) Nurul Hayati Binti Abdul Halim

2) Ahmed Bin Jaffar

3) Noriah Binti Yusoff

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam, Malaysia

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This research paper is to demonstrate the

adoption of the Material and Information Flow Chart

(MIFC) in putting into action Lean Developing (LM)

in a automotive part assembly line in

Malaysia. MIFC is one of the low fat tools, described

as Benefit Stream Umschlusselung (VSM). It can be widely used since

a construction for organized and organised

improvement activities in LM implementation. In

addition, MIFC is a functional tool to scrutinize in

detail associations between components and

information flows from the beginning until the end of

the assembly process. A case study was conducted by

an automobile component flow line, at XYZ

Manufacturing Sendirian Berhad. The MIFC was

used as a method to map how the supplies and

info were delivered along the program, in

visualizing the studied area. Conclusions show that

MIFC is an effective tool in identifying waste products and

method to obtain the spend, areas for improvement and also

appropriate equipment for Kaizen activities.

1 ) Introduction

The structuring, working, controlling,

managing, and constantly improving professional

production devices is commonly linked to

Lean manufacturing philosophy [1]. LM is the

American term so that is known as Toyota

Production System (TPS) [2]. This kind of philosophy can be

defined as a process of optimizing the existing

development activity based on customers' will need by

figuring out and learning the customers' beliefs

[3]. Hence, it can be characterized as customer focused,

eliminating spend, creating value, dynamic and

continuous [4].

LM was based on Toyota Production System

(TPS) which was produced by Toyota. The word

Lean Manufacturing was first termed by John Krafcik

in a Land 1988 content, " Succeed of the Low fat

Production System'', and it absolutely was popularized by

James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Rose in

their publication ‘'The Equipment That Improved the World''.

Based on this guide, the system was then called

" Trim Manufacturing” [5].

LM or TPS is not really new to many automotive

elements assemblers in Malaysia. We were holding first

initiated by producers from Asia, such as

Toyota, Kayaba and Honda. In that case, it was accompanied by

local car assemblers such as Proton, Perodua and

their suppliers. Why it was applied may

differ but it was executed while using same objectives

which include on-time delivery, to keep up quality,

to increase profit by reducing operations costs and to

continue to be competitive in the local as well as global

markets. Ending, the main goals of LM are cost

reduction and improvement of productivity, with

focuses on actions such as eliminating waste,

lowering inventory and continuous improvement [5],

[6], [7], [8].

Thus, this kind of research seeks to identify most wastes and

source of waste products as categorized in the LM philosophy

and also to implement suitable lean tools for

improvement activities inside the D55D assembly line.

2 . Books review

In LM, spend is defined as nearly anything related to the

process that adds cost but will not add worth to the

final product made [9]. Waste eradication is one

of the LM's goals in fact it is believed to be one of many

most effective ways to minimize the production price and

improve the profitability of many companies. Some

of the instances of wastes removal activities will be

elimination of defects, unwanted transportation,

holding out time, rejects and non-value-added activities

including rework, recheck and observing process [10],

11]. To eliminate squander, it is important to comprehend

what squander is and source of the wastes [12].

The seven toxins were in the beginning identified nearly


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