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Marketing 300 Final Exam Review Sheet




Primary! and! Secondary! data! (conducted! by simply! researcher! |! taken! coming from! outside! source)! • Main! Sources!

um More! expensive! (time! and! money)!

um Allows! for! customization.!!

• Secondary! Resources!!

o Certainly not! from! company!

o Comes! from! marketplace! research! companies! like! comscore!


Approaches! to! collecting! principal! data:!!

• Qualitative/Exploratory!!

to Useful! for! hypothesis! and! model! building!

o " Projective! tests”!

! story! or! sentence! achievement!

! McCann! Erickson! experiment:! people! liked! employing! raid! since!

opposed! to! the! traps! because! that they! enjoyed! the! act! of! killing! the! cockroaches!

! Zaltman! Metaphor! Elicitation:! elicits! conscious! and! especially! unconscious! thoughts! by! checking out! peoples! nonKliteral! or!

metaphoric! expression,! courses! how! people! think! regarding! a! subject.!! • Model! with! pantyhose!

o Observational! Research!!

u Ethnographic! analysis!

! Ethnographic! research! is! observational! research! in! which!

researcher! immerses! personal! into! customers'! lives/culture!

! Researcher! doesn't! just! observe! but! also! requests! questions! and! interacts! with! the! " subjects”!

• MTV! will go! to! night clubs! to! find! what! their! audiences! like!

o Tested! in! Target! groups!

• Quantitative:!!

u More! common! in! later! stages! to! test! hypothesis!

o Research! and! trials!

o Conjoint! analysis!

! Facts! from! census,! housing,! sociable! security,! etc .! databases! &

Probability! Sample!

Probability! Examples:! utilizes! a few! form! of! random! assortment! of! participants! Simple! random! sample:! everyone! in! given! population! provides! equal! chance! of! getting! selected.!!

Stratified! random! sample:! dividing! inhabitants! into! homogenous! subgroups! and! then! choosing! a! straightforward! random! test! of! every single! group.!!

Consider+the+Marketing+300+students+who+have+to+participate+in+experiments+ as+part+of+their+course+requirement. +Would+you+consider+that+group+of+ students+to+be+a+" probability+sample”?! +

• NO,! it! would! become! considered! a! " convenience”! sample.! We! are! already! grouped! together! and! easy! to! test.!!


Imagine+that+you+want+survey+respondents+to+consider+a+continuum+ranging+ from+" not+at+all+good”+to+" very+good. ”+Which+numerical+scale+would+you+use+in+ your+survey+to+represent+that+continuum: +0+to+10, +or+I5+to++5? ++ • 0! to! 10! because! this! is definitely! a! goodness! scale.! If perhaps! we! desired! to! level! on! a! scale! by! very! negative! to! incredibly! good! all of us! would! work with! K5! to! 5.! Persons! don't! want! to! be! negative,! therefore! they! might! rather! answer! in! the! positive,! also! though! it is! the! same! part! of! the! size.!!


True+or+False: +When+measuring+behavioral+frequency+using+a+multipleIchoice+ question+(with+choices, +for+example, +that+include+once+a+month, +once+a+year, & etc), +the+choices+listed+cannot+influence+the+average+frequency+that+ participants+report. ++

• Fake. +The! choices! listed! subject,! respondents! assume! that! the! researcher! constructs! a! meaningful! scale! based! on! know-how! of! the! distribution! of! real! globe! frequencies.! Response! options! in! the! central! of! the! scale! are! assumed! to! be! normal.! This! can be! important! when! respondents! do! not! have got! perfect! know-how! of! their very own! own! behavioral! frequency! in! a! provided! category. ++ • Persons! on! large! end! of! study! may! think! they! are! undertaking! it! also! often! and! might! determine! to! slice! back+





How+can+you+design+a+survey+to+help+detect+straight+line+responding^? & • StraightKline! responding:! addressing! same! factor! all! the! way! down! • Reverse! Coding! (use! indirect! inquiries):! switching! scale! of! good/bad!!

Common! study! wording! problems!

• Ambiguously! worded! queries! (What! is usually! your! church/religious! preference? )! • DoubleKbarreled! questions! (Do! you! eat! Wendy's! hamburgers! and! soup? )! • Leading! Concerns! (Don't! you! agree! that! Subway! is usually! great? )!

According+to+the+doorIinItheIface+technique, +how+can+you+convince+people+to+ do+small+favors+for+you? +(way! to! cash in! on! reciprocity)+ • Request! them! to get! a! big! favor! 1st.! When! they! say! no,! you! can easily! make! a! concession! (ok,! let! me personally! ask! you! if! likely to! at! least... ).! Many! people! is going to! reciprocate! your!...

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