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Throughout this course, I actually learned the right way to write a powerful essay with minimal faults, how to create proper English language, and how to make use of punctuation properly. Honestly, I found this course a refresher for me, perhaps because my teacher was extremely experienced and urged me to push myself to get to my aim. I can remember the first few times of class, the feeling of being struck with the tough and instant reality i actually was required to work hard this semester. Unpleasant at first, I actually gradually found on to the speedy but successful pace my personal teacher acquired required of me. Although there was a tremendous amount of work That i knew I needed, We worked hard and required every good thing about all solutions that were open to me. That stuff seriously all that function truly paid back because today, I feel self-confident that I may write a successful essay. What I have learned this kind of semester about my articles are that I genuinely did not understand how to punctuate my personal essay properly, I did not understand how to make phrases parallel, and I did not understand how to format my essay properly. There were many activities and assignments I found useful this kind of semester. I absolutely liked the online courses and the homework packets. These actions were beneficial and helped me understand how to work with parts of presentation correctly. I seriously liked the very fact that training was obligatory because it helped me get extra help even if I did not require it. I really did not find any activities or assignments least helpful not helpful because very assignment and activity I did allowed me to.

I really appreciated this course and working with my own classmates, yet there are some issues that I would like see improved. I would like to view more on the job activities when going over areas of speech. I actually do understand that this kind of class much more about preparing you intended for the ICE test, and that there is not a lot of time to shell out on it, nevertheless students find out differently and I for one study faster with hands on activities. Another thing I would like to see less of are...

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