Nature Compared to Nurture Composition

Due to the evolutionary individuals in the text message „Nature Compared to Nurture: The Battle Continues" women and men don't have any choice that they act. Both are bound to several behavior habits, which is the consequence of the evolutionary progress. Almost all along the activity of the males was to impregnate as most girl as possible to save lots of the continuity of their race, while females always have been the ones that were required to born and raise the kids. Therefore the men concentrated in getting since several as possible associates, while ladies persued just few partners who stick with them that help raising up their children. Psychological skills, that can lead to a long-term relationship were not essential for the men. Instead they will focused in improving their physical skills in order to be a ready for fight. The opposite applies to women.

An argumentation which makes sense talking about the history of manhood. Additionally men and women include a different division of hormones, which verifiably has an effect on the figure of human beings. Men have a better testosterone level which one example is is responsible for muscles development and sperm development. Two capabilities which are important for the tasks, which were mentioned by the evolutionary psychologists (EP's) – Improving of physical skills and the impregnation of women. Females instead have a higher estrogenic level, which will, for example , is usually responsible of the maturing of egg cells. This confirms the theory from the EP's as egg skin cells that acquire fertilized bring about pregnacy and the birth of a young child that needs to obtain raised up.

But on the reverse side there are also males and females, who tend not to act like this gets expected, even though they may have the same hormonal levels like additional same-genders. Men that are not useful or technophile, do not like sports and are also not interested in maturing. Also there are girls that are not enthusiastic about giving birth to kids or increasing them up. This is a major contradiction against the theory with the EP's. As well as...

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