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Eat The Enzymes: Bioethical Focus

I will be talking about how manufactures of enzyme products should be instructed to complete manipulated medical research studies. If chemical supplements assists you to feel better, you should not be prevented from taking them! In the event someone decides enzyme remedy for a serious medical trouble and later dead, I do not really believe the enzyme specialist and/or maker should be sued for treating this patient. I believe that manufactures of enzyme health supplements should be necessary to complete manipulated medical research before selling their item! They should be needed to do this because there are no studies that support evidence that enzymes may benefit healthy people or stop disease (Enzyme supplements, 2007). Many persons don't search for traditional medical assistance for significant ailments and believe these kinds of enzymes will heal all of them according to manufacturer's advertising (Mader, 2011). If enzyme supplements helps you feel better, you mustn't be eliminated from choosing them simply because they are not really traditional medication. It is your decision if you want to adopt them or perhaps not! Although, I don't think a person should rely completely upon enzyme nutritional supplements to get rid of their problems. They should as well seek specialist advice using their doctor first! If someone chooses enzyme therapy for a serious medical problem sometime later it was dies, I really do not believe that the enzyme therapist and/or manufacturer needs to be sued for treating this kind of patient. I do believe that the enzyme therapist/manufacturer should notify patients there is no totally percent guaranteed cure charge, and that classic medicine doesn't either (Mader, 2011). Someone who decides the traditional medication and later dead, no one can be sued! This is why I think chemical therapists/ companies shouldn't either! It is a people choice to select enzyme therapy! In conclusion, companies of enzyme supplements needs to be required to finish controlled medical research studies! If enzyme...

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