Essay about Oedipus Rex

Creating our own grief

In Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles, some of the heroes cause their own problems. The concept applies not only to the story but to real life as well. In fact , " The greatest griefs are individuals we cause ourselves. ” The significance of the quotation is the fact people cause their own sadness by their own doings. Other folks do not trigger the tremendous grief. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus causes his own sadness by trying to escape the fate from the oracle's prophecy. He simply cannot blame his grief about anyone but himself.

Oedipus begins the cause of his own grief by see the oracle in out of curiosity. When the oracle tells him he can destined to sleep with his mom and destroy his daddy, he endeavors to avoid this kind of fate by leaving Corinth. Oedipus brain to Thebes, he ultimately ends up killing this real daddy, Laius. Pondering nothing of computer he continues on his path to sorrow. Afterwards becoming King of Thebes by solving the sphinx, he wraps up the destiny of the oracle without knowing by marring Joacasta, Laius partner, and his true mother. Oedipus never knew of this outcome till the end, and it truly took complete effect on him because he knows he brought it after himself. His intentions weren't bad, yet he knows he would have done something different to make the result better. This individual drowns in the own grief and understands he needs to punish him self. Sometimes will be actions seem to be what is right at the time, yet eventually produce a major difference in our life and can cause sadness upon all of us forever.

Causing our own grief can be prevalent not only in Oedipus Rex, but likewise to real life and from my own knowledge. Every time I actually or any person lies they usually end up getting captured. People rest in the first place therefore they do not join trouble, or so they can receive what they want. In fact the lay just may bring after the exact reverse. Telling a lie to escape punishment simply may cause a massive downfall and misery. In society today, people tend to buy pricey items with loans and start to get so caught...

This is essay talks about Nick’s loss of innocence and his growing awareness.