Operations Managing Essay


This report displays how Sainsburys have applied performance management to increase their particular ability to offer a quality service and gain a competitive advantage, it will also show just how systems have been implemented to do this and what Sainsburys possess changed in recent times to achieve the competitive advantage it had been looking for, The main area Sainsburys have changed is there Supply chain which will had a cost gap of around ВЈ60 million. It will also look at the way the operations functions carried out by Sainsburys can be linked in with other areas of the business like Fund, Human Resource Management and Marketing. The key contents on this report depends on the theory about performance management; it will start with a section explaining the actual theory is definitely and how it is generally used in business. It will also contain my very own experiences and insight into just how operations experienced an effect from my own point of view. It will have a conclusion how I believe my personal experiences of operations managing has allowed me to and or hindered Sainsburys. There will also be a study conclusion exhibiting how I believe Sainsburys operations strategies possess evolved with time.


It will be taking a look at the theory which is applied to Sainsburys and how it could be applied this way. The main theories I will be looking at will be Capacity management, Wide open Systems, Top quality Management, Functionality Management and how Socio-technical Systems can be integrated into Sainsburys business.

Capacity Management

This is of capability itself is being the ability to produce work in specific time, should be measured in the unit of work. There are three main types of Potential management when ever looked at through operations. These are

В•Potential Potential

The capacity that may be made available to impact the planning of senior managing (e. g. in helping these to make decisions about total business expansion, investment etc). This is essentially a long term decision that will not influence daily production supervision

В•Immediate Capability

The amount of creation capacity that can be made available inside the short-term. This is the maximum potential ability - assuming that it is applied productively

В•Effective Potential

An important principle. Not all successful capacity is in fact used or perhaps usable. It is vital for production managers to understand what potential is actually possible.

There are constraints on capacity management and these are normally Time and Capacity. Time can be a constraint where a customer has a particular required delivery date. In this situation, capability managers typically " strategy backwards". Put simply, they allocate the final level (operation) in the production tasks to the period where delivery is required; the penultimate activity one period earlier and so on. This process assists identify whether there is sufficient time to meet the production needs and whether capacity has to be increased, even if temporarily.

Ability is a industrial facilities ability to develop items discussed as follows, consider a factory with a capacity of 10, 000 " machine hours" in each 45 hour week. This factory should be capable of producing 15, 000 " standard hours of work" during a 40-hour week. Using the volume of item that the manufacturing plant can produce will depend on:

- the amount of work associated with production (e. g. will do a product require 1, 5, 10 normal hours? -- any additional time required in production (e. g. equipment set-up, maintenance) - the productivity or effectiveness of the factory.

Open up Systems Way

Below is known as a definition of just how open devices can be explained in a business by Ludwig von Bertalanfty.

В‘Organisations will be open devices (like organisms) and will need to have an appropriate romantic relationship with the environment if they are to survive'. The open devices approach will be based upon the concept the fact that organisation can be an Open program with the major work group as a sub-system of the total...

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