Management is one of the important aspects in establishing a company. It is the overall performance of getting pregnant and achieving ideal results by using group effort consisting of making use of human abilities and resources. Therefore , administration is considered since the force that works an venture and is accountable for its success or failure.

The general implementation strategy is mentioned in the corporation and managing study. This aspect features a study with the officers and key employees, basic thought in developing the organization, kind of ownership, organizational chart and project plan. The objective of the management aspect of a feasibility study is usually to determine the alternative effectiveness with the organizational setup and the skills of the those who will make in the organization. This aspect can determine the successful realization of the job study. Objectives:

The study will cover different problems, actions and ideas how the analysts will manage their business. The following aims will clear what this all about. a) To determine the form of the proposed business;

b) To analyze the organization and management part of the business; c) To present or present the exact capitalization of the organization; d) To identify requirements and qualification, obligations and responsibilities and wages and benefits associated with the business staff members;

e) To illustrate and clearly talk about the flow of expert and the guidelines that will serve while guide with the entire organization.

A. Form of Ownership

The proposed organization will be signed up under the name, " Snacks on the Go” and will be operated being a partnership. You should be registered with the Investments and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is composed of 4 partners, namely: Honey Style Caranto, Razyl Carino, Sharmaine Catungal, and Lovelyn Lou Malicdem. We all decided to provide an initial capital of ___________________ which will be divided equally.

The proposed organization will be completely operation after it has complied with all the necessary documents and technical requirements needed.

N. Organizational Graph











Our organization chose the useful type of firm. This is one of the most commonly used sort of organizational framework which every activities in the firm happen to be group with each other according to certain capabilities like development, marketing, service and administrative. This is the ideal structure that may fit to our over-all procedure. This is quite complex nevertheless effective and efficient for each and every partners and employees of the organization because the work is divided into specialized functions. There's also a direct movement of power but may associate or collaborate to other managers for the betterment with the business and there is also a shared relationship between them. The professionals must be consulted before any decision is definitely taken no matter relating to his specialized location. The managers can entirely focus on his tasks and will perform bureaucratic activities well.

This type of structure can be applicable for a long time so long as it fits in the business as it offers the scope for expansion since compare to range type of corporation. It does not encounter the problem of limited functions of a few distinctive line of managers makes it possible for better control and supervision in the business company. Despite of the disadvantages on this type which are the confusion and conflict in roles and responsibilities, it still

each of our choice for doing it can regulate a large number of subordinates while equal type, it might only supervise a limited number of subordinates and this is more efficient in achieving task and teamwork and cooperation of all members of the organization. All of us used it because our concern in picking our company structure is the size of the business.

C. Officers and Key Employees

It is very essential in all organization...

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