Othello Literary Analysis Article

William Shakespeare's Othello is a disaster in which Othello is Moorish general portion in the city of Venice. Iago is Othello's friend, although turns on him because Othello promoted Michael Cassio to lieutenant. Iago then begins his nasty and malicious deeds against Othello. This kind of leads Othello to turn envious and kill his wife, Desdemona. Othello then commits suicide. By utilizing imagery, paradox, and significance, Shakespeare exhibits the concept of the the power that jealousy has to destroy.

Shakespeare uses symbolism to describe the theme by simply showing the audience a story that is plentiful in figures of speech. Although the characters speak in the entire and sentirse, imagery is extremely abundant through the entire play. For example , when Iago says, " O, be warned, my head of the family, of jealousy; it is the green-ey'd monster which in turn doth make fun of the various meats it passes on *(3. 3. 191-193), ” Iago is warning Othello that jealousy can be monstrous, as he describes the monster because " green-ey'd. ” This quote via Iago is merely feeding Othello more jealousy which will lead the latter to become monster. Images is used by Shakespeare to portray the potency of jealousy.

One more equally important element Shakespeare uses is irony. Othello is actually a victim of prejudice. Incongruously, Othello may be the one who commits the most reprobable deed of prejudice in the play, supposing his innocent wife, Desdemona, is a " harlot (4. 2 . 105)” who he must kill. His obstinate refusal to give evidence of the eradicating of Desdemona shows that prejudice is an equal-opportunity circumstance. Another ironic characteristic inside the play is how Othello, a good gentleman, commits a heinous offense. Iago, a great evil guy, disguises himself as a respectable, good gentleman. In a verse from the play, Iago conveys false honor, saying, " But this individual that filches from me personally my very good name, robs me of the which not really enriches him, and makes me poor certainly. (3. several. 180-185)” Irony plays an essential role inside the story and theme of Othello.

Yet another component Shakespeare uses to project the motif is...

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