Outline and Evaluate Two Models of Unusualness Essay

Outline and evaluate two models of unusualness (12 marks)

The essence of the psychodynamic approach is to make clear behaviour regarding its characteristics – i actually. e. the forces that drive that. The best known example of this approach is Freud. Freud assumed that the beginnings of mental disorder lay in the uncertain conflicts or perhaps childhoods that are unconscious. Medical illnesses are certainly not the outcome of physical disorders but of the psychological issues. Conflicts between the id, ego, and superego create panic. The spirit protects alone with various protection mechanisms (ego defences). These kinds of defences could be the cause of disturbed behaviour if they happen to be overused. In childhood the ego is usually not created enough to cope with traumas and therefore they are overpowered, oppressed. For example , a child may your death of your parent early on and repress associated thoughts. Later in life, various other losses could potentially cause the individual to re-experience the sooner loss and may lead to depression. Previously the unexpressed anger about losing is aimed inwards for the self, causing depression. Ego defences, just like repression and regression, exert pressure through unconsciously motivated behaviour. Freud proposed which the unconscious includes memories and other information which might be either quite difficult or nearly impossible to bring in to conscious awareness. Despite this, the unconscious mind exerts an effective effect on behavior. This frequently leads to problems, as the person does not discover why they are performing in that particular way. The underlying trouble cannot be handled until generated within conscious awareness. However Subjective concepts including the id, spirit and superego are challenging to define and research. Mainly because actions motivated by them operate on a great unconscious level, there is no way to find out for certain they are occurring. Also a common criticism of Freud's work is that it was sexist.

The Natural approach can be ‘the perspective that conduct can all be explained in...

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